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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tasty Overnight Hemp Oats

Well here I am again. Returning back from a few days ago
on the Overnight Oatmeal. So thanks to Megha and Matt
on their recipe for the Overnight Hemp Oats I put a new twist
on this classic. They challenged me and others to make a new
hemp oat breakfast so I did. 
And I am quite impressed with myself to say the least. It is
filling, and tasty. Hum? what to call this one?
What  would be a definite remember kinda name?. Maybe 
"Nanner-Cinn" Overnight Hemp Oats.  because this is ?? Yep
you guessed it. It is  made with banana's and cinnamon & other 
tasty ingredients.
All smiles on this breakfast 
Tasty Meal 

Nanner-Cinn Overnight Hemp Oats
Just the right size for breakfast

I do hope that you will try this amazing breakfast.
It is a on the go breakfast. Will fill you up and energize you. Change it up,Keep it low carb. Breakfast will definitely not 
be the same anymore. Drop me a comment and let me know
how you like it.
Till the Morrow
Happy  Oating

Monday, May 21, 2018

Amazing Little Breakfast

Good morning all. the sun is shining and breakfast is about 
to be served up in non other than a plain mason jar.
I am not sure if this is a new recipe out their but  it is
pretty new to me.
While visiting my brother , who is health conscious like me
told me about his breakfast called,  Overnight Oats. 
What an amazing little breakfast. I did like the Oat version
of this simple delight.  I am watching my carb intake so I did
find a new recipe using Raw Hemp seeds. Thanks to the 
"Keto Connect" couple,  Megha & Matt Gaedke I will do this
one next. Time to go shopping once again. 
Of course the store I need,  is about 45 minutes away. Tiny town disadvantages. But I can turn this into an excursion day with a friend and lunch to boot.
I would encourage you to check out this couple and the foods
they make.
So here is the finished Overnight Oatmeal. Next blog will be
the Raw Hemp Seed replacement over Oatmeal. Taste test of 
course will be done to see which I like better.

Till the morrow, breakfast yum  Recipe below

Overnight Oats

Per Jar ingredients 
1/3 Cup Organic Rolled Oats raw -per jar
2 TBlS Organic Shredded  Coconut unsweetened 
              ( I used chopped) 
1/2   Banana diced  
1 TBLS  Chia Seeds 
1 TBLS  No Fat Cream Cheese
1 TBLS Agave Syrup    I used Truvia Sweetener 2 tsp/pks
1/2  Cup   & a little more -Toasted Coconut/Almond Milk
       I used Califa brand can buy at  Publix Market Place
1 Cap full Vanilla clear
3 TBLS  Non Fat Greek Yogurt 

3  Mason Jars with lids  8 ounces  or 12 Oz
I made 3 jars, 

Add oatmeal, chia seeds, coconut and banana in jar.
Blend together almond milk, cream cheese, greek yogurt
sweetener or agave, and  vanilla. I used my Nutra Ninja 
blender. Mix well and add to oatmeal ingredients. Place lid 
on and shake well or you can just mix all together. 
Place in refrigerator overnight, eat for breakfast, enjoy. 
PS: You can play with the ingredients, substitute the coconut
with carrots, add raisins and cinnamon. Or peanut butter I
use Powdered PB-2. 
Wholefully  has much more suggestions check them out also.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Good Morning! Well here it is morning.  Spring as finally
made it's wave.  I am sure we all love winter, but now it's 
time for those blooming flowers and , plants and happy critters. 
Of course this NOT your typical plant. Maybe some Catnip
can be grown here.
kitty plant


 Sebastian seems to like to dirt. Of course what tomcat
wouldn't.  He is always is open for love. Quite a verbal
kitty he is. Yes spring is here and the cats are happy to
baste in the sun more. 
Freedom outside is a cats best friend. Maybe a few flowers
might work as a bed. Of course if I wonder outside to try
and take a picture of that, Sebastian will move quickly to me
to get his love. One can wish for that camera with a great
zoom lens, This would not disturb him, Then on the other
hand if he hears me, well, I am spotted.  
Enjoy your days ahead. Pick lots of beautiful flowers and
enjoy what God has created. Be thankful for the little things
and our pets too , even if they pretend to be a plant.

Till the morrow. Many blessings

Monday, April 16, 2018

Not Rice at All

Quinoa this amazing tasting plant.  I do not know why I had not tried
this before. Couscous is the second runner up in this delightful dish.
This plant is a seed. And so not a grain, which i had thought.
When i first started using it I had been saying the name totally
wrong. the correct way to say it is Keen-wha'.
Seems this seed has been around for thousands of years. Why was
I not told? Oh yeah, maybe because i wasn't born yet LOL.
So now  I am adding this rich super food to my daily diet. It is
full of fiber and protein. So if your not use to having a lot of fiber
in your diet, may I suggest that you start out with small amounts
when eating this. Needless to say I found out my own way.
But now all good. I am very excited about this new ( well to me)
food.  This cute plant cooks up so light. And is tasty.
This one has mushrooms
One healthy shopping done

A great one to have around
I am not one
to  go into
great details
of such things
I figure if you
want all the info
on this seed you
can google it.
All I can do is
brag on how great
it is.

It just amazes me that it is not rice. It kinda even looks like rice to me  Trying
to explain to someone who does not now what this is was a brain thinker. Well
let me tell you what its not. Ha ha. I suggest going into a store if your buying
this for the first time, bring a photo and speak to someone who knows what
your talking about, even if your not sure yourself.
So I am into making my first meal. I added fresh mushrooms, onions, garlic
and Tofu. Threw in a side of tomato slices and wha-la done.

I hope that you try this Keen-wha . You will be so happy that you did. Thanks for 
always stopping by. Share a pic of your dish. Till the Morrow. Many blessings

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Grain Free Peanut Butter & Apple Doggie Cakes

Who wants their family member ( dogs) to enjoy a scrum-delicious treat
that not only  looks great, but taste great as well?  Soy free, Gluten Free
Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Grain Free, and Corn Free.

Baking those cakes 

Drizzled Honey

Making these turned out to be a treat. Happy
was the crew of my taste testers, ready on hand.
These took a bit longer to make. but our fur
babies are worth it. Of course when you have
a bigger dog they just woof them down without
even chewing, But you can give it to them in
smaller quantities, so maybe they will be able
to taste it  a bit more.

Cream Cheese and cinnamon topping, or a
peanut butter frosting. or a delightful top
of drizzled honey. And a plain topper is
always a choice if your traveling.

These are made daily. Fresh and no preservatives.
Always kept in the refrigerator or freezer.

3 Different Varieties of Cakes 

Peanut Butter Frosting

Cream Cheese & Cinnamon Topping

A lovely Treat
These are pawFect for those fur babies
that have allergies. They need special
love as well .

Till the morrow
Keep giving your pets a yummy treat.
They will be ever so happy you do.

Peanut Butter Sammichs

Well we did it again with this amazing yummy treat. Our taste testers
have given the approval of a very lick-able treat. It's always fun in
the kitchen baking and yes the crew always joins us while we bake.
of course they know they will get to taste those yummy treats.

Baby Girl luv's these
Living the Peach State always helps. We have plenty of peanuts in the 
fields, so we can  make peanut butter at home. A delicious roasted 
flavor that most dogs love and of course we people too.
Always choose a healthy treat for your four legged family members
because they deserve such yummy goodness. 
Our kitchen is full of love while we bake and that's the way it will always
be. From our kitchen to yours. Enjoy

Till the morrow
Have a Paw-Fect Day

Monday, March 19, 2018

Picky PawPaws Gourmet Dog Food

I am delightfully working on my  new business.  We all want our fur
babies to have the best treats ever right? They deserve such yummy
treats just like their human parents. They will love the taste of a home
made treat , made with love right from the our kitchen to yours.

Just knowing that your pet has a  home made treat makes anyone feel loved. 
I know I would.  It's like when grandma is in the kitchen baking those chocolate chip
 cookies that you love. Our eyes get so big when she finally brings the plate over full 
of yummy bites. It's like that.  So hopefully you  join in my new venture in making
these treats. Give me your input. Likes and comments. I would really appreciate them.
Till the morrow, I'll be a happy baking