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To see outside of the box and admire the beautiful world. I hope to inspire those who feel touched and want to have a better day or even minute. So browse around. Thank you for visiting, leave a comment I would like to hear what you have too say. On this note I leave, till the morrow & Many Blessings

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

"Can" it be Love

Each we rise is a brand new day. And after that phrase
you say, derp ! yeah. We all know that. It is not anything
new. Oh ,yes it is. But do you really think about it? 
Each day has not been used. Each day we will arise to
another set of circumstances that will effect our lives.
A new set of smiles. A chance to start over and make 
things better than yesterday. And even in this new day,
each day, will we be able to make better choices. Will
our eyes be open to things we did not see yesterday?
Simplicity is straight forward. It sits right in front of
us. It is up to us, to make life smarter, not harder.
One of these simplicity's are children. They have
such a delightful mind. They do not over think things.
And when they pick the cute little flower and bring it
to you, just because. That is pure love.
The little things in life we need to recognize. Like when 
my grandson left this message for me. 

A simple message of cans. As a parent you can enjoy
the love that these cans were arranged in. Stop and look
at the message. The time he took in taking them all out
and arranging them into letters. Would you see the love 
in this? Or would see cans out of the shelf all on the
floor and now everything is unorganized? If you chose
the second option you totally missed  this message of
We need to open our eyes more to love. Love is everywhere.
Though the world would have us think otherwise. They
focus on hate and feed it. And then others open their mouths
and eat. Spitting hate and going back for seconds.
The phrase "stop and smell the roses" needs to be ever so
present in our lives. If we all would stop and take a deep
breath we can enjoy what is offered to us.
The Lord made this creation for us. The master painter.
Imagine what colors are out their. 
The "can do's" in our lives are much more important. 
We want love all the time. Like I said love comes in many
forms. It is up to us to look for them. To open our eyes.
Simple acts of kindness to others. Doing something for
someone without expecting anything in return. Free love
is always available in our hearts. Our children is one 
example of pure free love. God the Father has an abunance
of free love. Do we except that each day? 

We all the emoji's of life. They make us feel happy. 
We send to others in our conversations. There always
is an abundance of these. can you make a real one?
It always warms my heart to think that someone left
this just for me. of course I smiled. This was the senders
intentions. It's like getting a free back scratch.

If we but notice love more, we all will smile a bit 
more, which in turn will have the ripple effect. I love
finding things in my life that otherwise others might
dismiss so quickly. Like this pretty flower petals that
seemed to take shape from the bottom of the condensation
from my glass of water.
 God love is real. He wants us to feel it all of the time.

Let today really be a new day for you. Give love and
receive love, in all forms this life has to offer. In small
things we can accomplish big. And spread it through
all the universe.
Till the Morrow & Many blessings

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Make-Up "Case"

Today's lesson is all about that base. No, not Megan Trainor, though I do love, love her  cat wisps. Makeup, shmaykup. 
What is all the hoopla about it anyway? Well ,let me say 
its the most important thing like ever since the birth of 
color.  I came out of the womb demanding my makeup.
Have you had anyone tell you" today you cannot wear makeup"?  I have been told that on quite a few occasions.
And, I must say I really do give them a double take in
"how dare you ask me to to go naked" look. I have even argued with the Doctors on this evil question. I have to look
my best. What if, I was to like die on the table? I so could save
the mortuary dude a lot of time on my makeup job. 
There not gonna do it like I usually do. This sums up only my eyes so far.

I am not knocking anyone who wishes to take their own life
 into their own hands by not wearing any makeup, BUTT

Really, for women who love makeup, that above is

simply never an option. It's inconceivable. Might be
just me,  but yeah this is true. I love makeup so much
that even my Birthday was made like makeup, thanks 
to my wonderful sister in-law
My Cake

My Birthday Makeup Cake 

I am dedicated to makeup. It is up there with my daily
 duties of eating and the 3-SSS. Even so this ritual is 
not as consuming as it used to be, ( I say because
I am a pro at it by now) I cannot go out into the world
unless I am wearing my makeup. One reason especially 
is that I have a condition called Alopecia. This is a condition
that does not let your hair grow back, one of which is my eyebrows. I did use to have  eyebrow hair, but then life's challenges decided to attack my eyebrows. I am jelly of women who do have them and yet still add eyebrow pencil to theirs or
have them tattooed to  great looking eyebrows. But if you just want a certain shape then I understand. Each person can absolutely do in the makeup area what makes you happy. 

I am getting ready. I think that life might give me a grade
on my makeup job right! It might. I am really for those
who have natural beauty, but if you have seen what I look
like with no eyebrows, well lets just say I am from an alien nation. My skin is very fair. So even the lightest color
of foundation is dark.
I hear this line all the time. Thank you for that comment
but your wrong! Ahh yeah I do need makeup. Otherwise
I will have no face. So  the quote" wait till I put my face on" is very true. Dude really I have to put my face on.
There is no such thing as a makeup case, well unless it's a story then it's a case , but in this"case" it is not. It is 7 draws of
makeup. I still think I need a new draw set, but then I will have to fill them up.  I swear to myself, you don't need anymore.
Don't buy anymore. But then this happens
I know, your laughing because you know you do this 
too.  I have just found a few months back an awesome
lipstick called "True Mattee"  how brilliant. They have 
some pretty cool colors and they last quite a while.
Happy shopping on these babies and they are in a great
price range to boot. I happen to find these in Dollar General
The end of my blog is near so I shall mention just a few more things. One which is is dangerous. That movie called a Christmas Story where they say " you'll shoot your eye out"
lets add some  women to that picture and add mascara. When putting on mascara is a dilemma. Watch out or you will poke your eye out. It is the next to the last thing I put on before I head out the door. My makeup can be all done and then I poke myself in the eye. 
Great, now my makeup is messed up.  Because I have 
put on waterproof eyeliner and mascara. I can't just wipe 
it off. I have to use makeup remover ,which in turn will off balance my other makeup. Why is eyeliner and mascara water proof by not tear proof? Obviously  a women needs to make this happen . Anyway so when you poke yourself in the eye that freaking hurts, really and then you tear up which in turn now is this.
Now if I was going to go somewhere, that is not gonna happen anytime soon, because I will have to wash off this palate and start fresh. That's just how it is.  This makeup case has it ups and downs. Smudges and pokes. Tears, heat, allergies and much more. is it worth it? YES! It is what it is. My advice is to be who you want to be , with or without makeup.  Own yourself like a boss and walk that walk. Because your own approval is the only thing that is necessary. 
Till the Morrow, Many Blessings  

Monday, January 29, 2018

Funny Biblical Talk

Have  you ever wondered why people talk so weird 
 in the scriptures or Bible?
 It must be quite strange to those who never indulge
 in one of life's many pleasures.  I must admit when 
I did get away from reading these words and then came
back to them, it was very hard to concentrate. 
The words were like this:
 I could read  whole paragraph or two and and I am
 pretty sure had this look on my facemost of the time. The 
"what the?" face cannot be avoided. I thought
to myself how can anybody read such jibber-jabber. 
It's like reading a foreign language in English. 
But how can that be? 
Like the saying " it is an acquired taste". One of 
which I am really enjoying now.  It does take some 
time to understand what you are reading. Most of the 
time, others can make it seem so horrible when it is
not. Yes it has those strange words like, thee, thou, 
witherthou goest, doeth,
What sayest thee on these matters?
Anything that is challenge is worth looking into. You
can really understand where i am coming from if you
open your own Bible. Of course their are so many
translations out there now a days one still has to check
to make sure what is being said is in accordance to what
was written in the first place.  Man has found out 
that this type of language is ..........


That is why there are so many books. You can know 

them by their abbreviations,  such as

 KJV,       King James Version
 NKJV,   New King James Version
NIV       New International Version
TLB      The Living Bible
NLT      New Living Bible
TLV       Tree of Bible

Of course these are but a very few of the different 
versions of the Bible. These can be found at this link
 for further investigation on Wikipedia.

Have you ever noticed when others are reading the 
scriptures? I mean not literally reading right in front
of you ,but you notice they now too are speaking funny,
well in your opinion that is. This cartoon sums up
what I am talking about. 

I know you can feel where I am coming from on this

matter. But I would  like to challenge you to try an

understand. Taking baby steps is very much needed 
this matter. Study the paragraph's. Look up the words your having a problem with.My two to three paragraph's would take me 30 minutes,or more. What matters is that'you understand the time  era that is going on. I am sure if you plopped one of the people from the biblical day down here right now they would not understand what the  heck we are talking about. 
When we want to travel abroad, like Paris France, Russia, heck even in the good ole USA New Orleans , we study to language . They even have apps for our phone to  translate what we say into another language. And it will turn what they say into our own language. How cool is that!  The best thing to do is study
and take your time. Know that the people in the biblical era did not talk like we do now.  Make it a wonderful thing to do in your life. Ask for guidance in prayer that you will understand.
 I testify that the Lord lives and that he listens to you. That He will help you and speak to you through his words. It will be interesting and satisfying to know that you Get  what they are saying. And this talk will not sound so funny any more.

Till the morrow & Many Blessings

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sabbath Goodness

The Sabbath day is a special day. It is so cool that 
we get to have it every seven days. It's like being able to
celebrate Christmas, Easter & Thanksgiving all on one day.
You might be wondering "why". It is just another day. But
alas it really is not.  The Sabbath is the Lords day. God set
it apart from the beginning Literally the beginning.. He was
up in the heavens creating such a beautiful place for us to
enjoy. I am in awe at how many things are on planet earth.
God took this day and he himself rested. He needed a day 
of rest. What an amazing artist he is. Skillful, colorful, 
meticulous and engineering All things work together. All
things have a purpose.

Genesis Chapter 1 In the beginning God created the Heaven
and earth. This wonderful story in in the Old Testament. It 
only has 31 verses. You should read it. Ponder on how all
things were made. Gods creations are nothing short of being
magnificent. A miracle. 
As so this day was set apart to rest. God ordained it to be so.

Genesis 2: 2-3 
And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done,
and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which he had 
done. Then God Blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because
in it He rested from all His work which God created and made.

So you might be saying great I get to rest on the Sabbath. But what
kind things will we be resting from? These will be the daily tasks of
the week like our jobs is number one. The daily rituals that we do
all week long that are time consuming. We need a break just like

Rest from out Labors
The Lord has instructed us to rest from our labors on this day.
I am sure this means the lawnmower will stand idle in the 
garage on the Sabbath. that the family business will have a
Closed sign on the door for a potential customer on Sunday
The cash register will not record one purchase on this special
His special day. A true day of rest.

The Sabbath is more than just a day of rest away from our labors. This
day belongs to the Lord. It is his day. So we shall honor it as such. 
We can spend out time in our homes that can make the real difference 
in feeling the Spirit and truly making the Sabbath a delight.
This day we can attend church services and renew our covenants
we made at baptism. We can help someone in need. Visit another
person to uplift them, bake some cookies for a neighbor.  This day
is devoted to the Lord and honoring him. Get closer to your family
whom you might have been able to do so much during the week. 
 In Hebrew, the word Sabbath means to  "rest". The purpose of the 
Sabbath dates back to the creation of the world, when after six days
of labor the Lord rested from the work creation.When  He later revealed
the Ten Commandments to Moses, God commanded that  that we 
"remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy". Later , the Sabbath was
observed as a reminder of the deliverance of Isreal from their bondage
in Egypt. Perhaps most important, the Sabbath was given as a perpetual
covenant, a constant reminder that the Lord may sanctify His people,

Exodus 20: 8-11 (KJV)
8    Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. 
9   Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work
10  But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God" in it thou shalt
not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor
thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates
11  For in the six days the lord made heaven and earth, the sea and all that
in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the 
Sabbath day and hallowed it.

The Sabbath is a renewal day. to start fresh for upcoming week. It truly
is so wonderful that  when we renew our covenants we made at baptism
by taking the sacrament on Sunday we are "like" getting baptized yet
again/ We are made clean by repenting each Sabbath, The Lord knows
we needed this. We are constantly learning to become better. I want to
thank the my Lord and Savior for having such a beautiful day.
May we all take a little time to honor the Sabbath, to keep it holy. Make
it truly His day. Make our hearts full of gratitude and love and share that
with our family and neighbors. God is love and that love is good.

Till the morrow, Many Blessings  


Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ice-Cream a Homemade Delight

IF any one out there loves ice cream then this,  is the recipe  for you.
Speaking from my stand point, I cannot do dairy except certain kinds
that are processed differently. Also sugar, in the lowest forms are a plus
in my kitchen. So when I  came across this recipe on the net I had to try
it. And yes I saved it in a folder named "Honey I'm Vegan" on my ever
so addicting Pinterest Account.  Here is the link if you wish to pop
in and see

 This recipe  called for only two   ingredients but I made it into four . It is called

                                         Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

These are my ingredients. I like to make mention that I do let my bananas get very
brown in the freezer. I use them also for my protein shakes. 

Does not matter if ice is on them, that will just add texture to what ever your making.
In this case, ice-cream and protein shakes  it makes them a perfect creamy & frothy

I love using PB fit Powdered Peanut
Butter.  Low in sugar  and carbohydrates
and taste very delicious. Companies add
so much sugar into a lot of our foods that when we cut it out of our diets things do not taste so good. But this is very delightful. 

 CALIFA  toasted coconut/almond milk
is dairy free, sugar free, gluten free, and soy free,  besides low saturated fats with as little as only 45 calories. You could go CALIFA  plain at the same and only 35 calories but i love this taste of coconut and almonds.  You might want to check what stores sell it in your area. Publix  Market Place here is great, also The Leaf Health Food store also. Harvey's Supermarket  had it to my surprise, so do some research.

 If you can get pure honey, USA made from local farmers
that is a plus. Knowing there is a war on "real"
honey in the states is quite interesting. If you like
documentaries, then watch a show called "Rotten" on
Netflix it explains more about honey & protecting bee's.
We need to watch as consumers,who want the real thing.
Best bet is to have the hives inside. I want to thank all the
bee's who work so hard at pollinating and making tasty
honey for us all to enjoy. 

 My choice is the Nutri Ninja  2 in 1 Blender & Food Processor. 
The speed on this machine grinds up even the stems so 
you get the full  amount of vitamins you need.

Dice up frozen bananas
Add 1/2 bananas and 1/2 milk

 Pulse till almost smooth. Then add rest of ingredients 

                                  Should be very thick 

Pour into air tight container

Freeze for 4 hours. 

A light creamy frozen treat

Add a little powdered Peanut Butter
top with a slice of banana & drizzles

Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream 
4   Frozen Diced Medium Bananas
   4   Tablespoons PB fit Powdered Peanut Butter
3   Tablespoons Water
1   Tablespoon Pure Honey
1/2 Cup  Califa Toasted Coconut/Almond Milk

Dice frozen bananas. Place 1/2 in food processor and 1/2 of Milk and blend till smooth.
Then  add water to powdered peanut butter and mix. Add rest  peanut butter, honey and
milk  and frozen bananas to food processor. Blend till smooth, About 3 minutes.
Place in sealed container and freeze for 4 hours. But it can be eating right away
at this point. Serve with a sprinkle ow powdered peanut butter on top , a piece of
sliced banana and drizzles of honey. Enjoy

 Thank you for tuning into my Recipe today. Hope you enjoy it. Please feel
free to comment and let me know how you liked it.
Till the morrow and Many Blessings

Hotline to Jesus

So maybe you were thinking 
on the "lines" of this phone?
       Close, But what a 
 wonderful metaphor right?

Having a clear line of communication  open  24/ 7 is very important. Not only
to the caller but on the  receiving end also. We can all have that imaginary 
phone we need.  That line should be open not just in the bad times, but in the
good times as well.  This phone applies to the people in our lives as well. If we
do not communicate with each other than that relationship wonders off.
It is lost in the world and the world takes over. We as parents and we as children
know that we need guidance, love,  &  support. 

1 Thessalonians 5:17    PRAY without ceasing
 Saying little prayers all day long. 

Pray for Direction

Proverbs 3:5-6  Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own
understanding In all your ways acknowledge him, and He will make straight your paths.

Pray Over Our Children
Ask God to keep our children and family  safe  in a not so safe world.

 PSALM 91: 1-2  He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow
of the Almighty, I will say to the Lord " My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I

Each day we should thank God for him being in our lives. Each day He
gives us challenges to face. He  loves us so much He has faith in us even
when we cannot see the whole picture.
His faith in me gives me the strength to carry on.  Those people with children
can relate to what I am saying. You as a parent have faith in your child, they
will walk, or talk, learn to spell. You have faith they will make the right choices.
You stand beside them because they are your children. Or lets say you have no
children but put that trust in other children or in the  animals we have. Faith can
be placed in so many areas. Just imagine how much more faith our Father in Heaven
has in us. Yes we will fall on our journey. Yes He will still love us when we fall short.
But the main key to this all is to have that Hotline open. And that my friend is
in the lines of prayer.

PRAYER is a 2 way communication between you and our Heavenly Father. That line
is always open. It is up to you to not get disconnected.  Pray when your happy. Pray
when your sad. Pray when your lonely. Pray when your confused, weak, or need help
with a decision.  Pray to give thanks. Pray for safety. Pray over your home, your food,
fields and your job. Pray for even your enemy;


Alma 34: 19-27
Yea, humble yourselves, and continue in prayer unto Him. Cry unto him when ye are
in your fields, yea over all your flocks. Cry unto him in your houses, yea, over all
your household, both morning, mid-day, and evening. Yea, cry unto him against the
power of your enemies. Yea, cry unto him against the devil, who is an enemy to all
Cry unto him over the crops of your fields, that ye may prosper in them. Cry over
the flocks of your fields that they may increase. But this is not all; ye must pour out
your souls in your closets, and your secret places, and in your wilderness. Yea and
when you do not cry unto the Lord, let your hearts be full, drawn out in Prayer unto to
him continually for your welfare, and also for the welfare of those who are  around you.

I would like to offer you a plan like the phone companies. But the great things is
you get  to have as many lines as you want, no limit on texting, sharing data,
no problem, 1 million GB, endless storage,  need to charge your connection?
No problem  this line is self charging . It is also waterproof.  Plus you get a  VIP
line to Jesus Christ.  and it's a;; "FREE"  now that's a smart phone, yes? :)

No one can  out do a  Jesus Hot Line.  Never need to be ISO Him.
Jesus makes house calls, no matter who's house your in.  Making time
to call /pray will be your "life line" with each call you make your life is
a bit safer, a bit more faithful and more reliable network than anyone else
has to offer.  Make sure you call the Hotline to  Jesus as  much as you can.

Till the morrow and Many Blessings

There is Hope

If it were not for the Gospel,  my life would seem so unfair. The grave would
be the end of it all,  That there would be nothing later, after I am gone. I would
only be existing now.  No consequences. Just darkness.  The why's, need not be
answered. But still asked.
In this type of thinking I was pondering in the night, almost all night in fact. My
human nature of missing someone that has passed. Not believing they are gone
still, was finally sinking in. It has been just over a year.
If it were not for the Gospel in my life, indeed this mourning could go on forever
I would think. I remember when I was working ICU. And many people had passed
away or I like to refer  it as "went home to be with Father."
But one night comes to my mind clearly. It still makes me sad to remember the
cries of the family when their loved one passed away. I had heard many cryings
before but this one was truly a mourning and whaling cry. That death had came
and the dirt was ready to cover them all up.  There cries were piercing so much
that I could hear that hope had been lost.  How sad to think this way. But many
people do.
I have gone to my other family members funeral and the friends of my loved one
would come up to me and ask" how can you handle this so well"  you seem too
have joy?
A good question. I tell them it is the light of Jesus Christ. He gives us hope and
promises us we will return to him.

JOHN 14: 1-3
"Do not let your hearts be troubled". You believe in God: believe also in me. My
Fathers house has many rooms: if that were not so, would I have told you that I am
going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I
will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.

I have since of Peace knowing that there is, a place in the after life. I believe in
it when my Savior Jesus Christ tells me there is a place for me in his mansion. He
says he has "many" rooms.  I know without a doubt that my loved one will be seen
again, touched again, and be giving hugs.
 This life is a school away from our Heavenly home. We came here to learn. To be
tested. Even Jesus Christ himself came to earth to be tested. Working on that grade
every day requires lots of study. It is up to us to receive a good grade. All test are not
easy. Some can make you feel so very lost, but having that connection to our Heavenly
Father can ease such challenges in our life.

JOHN 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever 
believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life

That scripture verse there shouts out such a wonderful promise. One that I can surely
believe in. Everlasting life is that peace inside. This body we have on earth is just
a body. We need it to house our spirits while on earth. It must  grow old here. But
just knowing that the young spirit  feel  is still chugging along.
Have you ever said "even though I am getting old, I still feel young?" I often had wondered
that myself, but then my eyes were opened.
There is HOPE in this world. Their is a place in the heavens waiting for us to go back home.
We are not lost, though it might seem so during our many challenges we will have to face.
So during those times of a loved one that has gone home before you, rest assured that they
are safe. That you WILL see them again.  Just knowing this will help you and give you the
peace you need, not only for yourself, but to others in your family and even those of
acquaintance.  May knowing that our loved ones will be seen again give you the hope and
peace you need in your life.  Till the morrow. Be blessed

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