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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Time to Commit to Ourselves For Good

Good Morning,

Well that's what it is here. It has been a while
since I have blogged, So I  had better get started

Time to set our own clocks for good healthy eating
because we really need to be fit. Not only with our
bodies, but our minds. Either it can be continued fitness
or weight loss. It is always a great commitment.

This commitment on my path is, Weight Loss, going
the Low Carbohydrate Way.

This type of commitment should definitely be for a life
time. Face it , we really owe it to ourselves
to be happy and healthy. We feel more energetic , enthusiastic
and over all just smiling ear to ear.

I know most of ya'll  " yes  I said the Ya'll word "  come from
different backgrounds, where your mamma's  taught you how to cook
and she added all of those greasy lard concoctions, Lots of family
get together's, full of deserts, breads & pastas  so lets just say it, we 
were gorging our selves like Thanksgiving Day.
I am here to say we can eat happily and add some deserts to our
life commitment and still be happy.

You must re-think from the way eat in your brain now.. I know that sounds
funny but it is true. You must change the way you think about food.
Changing the way you eat, will be challenging, BUT if you have family
and/ or  friends change with you,  then all can be a bit easier.

So lets get on that ole band wagon and work it together for our own
futures, as well as our families.

Next segment will be the what and where  & how do I start.

Till then see you on the morrow
or later on today
which ever comes first. Lol

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