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Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Invention of Cloud Bread

  It's a day of inventing, For myself I think the possibilities are endless.So here
is this amazing " Cloud Bread" we are all doing, But to me  it seems a bit blah,
but that's just me. I like a little zest on my food, or color, added something. 
other than the  norm. I am not going to settle for it,  if all possible. 
So for tonight's dinner I decided I would put one of my ideas to the test. Make
this ordinary  "Cloud Bread " into s new one. My idea was to make it "look"
like pumpernickel bread. And so the test began. This is the test on a pan below.

I did not want to interfere with the cloud bread ingredients too much they are
sensitive as it is. So there for, I just swirled gel brown food coloring in a few 
spots just to see. So this is my test see if it will not interfere with end results of 
of the bread . So  this the way it turned out below. Yeah! I am impressed with
myself.   I like my cloud bread a little more brown on the top , so when it is
done, I low broil it till brown which takes less than a minute, so watch them 
carefully or they will burn. 
This is what I call my "Mock"  Pumpernickel Cloud Bread with Poppy Seeds"

My dinner tonight was 'Mexican Meatballs with Chicken Gravy on Cloud Bread "   
The total carb count on this meal is 6 grams. I added diced avocados a 3 slices of a tomato

Here is the simple steps I took for this meal.  Thanks for watching

Till the morrow,  Many blessings   :O )

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