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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Brain Waves

So lets get into the fact that our brains help us to decide what we
want. And in the brain the first thought of an action of what we
are going to do, helps us out in the long run. For without it, we so
would not be able to make up our minds on anything.

" Brain Waves" No not this kind.

But it is kinda  how we will need to see ourselves. The microwave
let's say is our box, and yes you should know what the next line is.
We need to think out of our boxes.
Do you remember when you decided to make a commitment?
Doesn't really matter what kind, but it was one. How you got
excited, and enthusiastic and just wanted the world to know
of your new game plan?
These type of brain thoughts are what we call neurotransmitters.
They get released every time we think of things over & over again.
Theses chemical messengers or "waves" as I call them send signals 
and communicates to parts of itself  and your nervous system.
Neurotransmitters control virtually all of your body's functions
from hormones to digestion, to feeling sad, happy or hungry. 

Now that I have explained just a tad of  your brain I can mention
that any life change or diet which I do not like to call them. Must
start from your own thoughts and brain. 
Not only will you have to change the way you eat, but you must
change the way you think about food. How you must retrain your
brain and  jump off the norm boat that everyone else is on and
get on a flying high balloon where others like yourself are finding
a new way of eating,And a new way of thinking.

Take care of your mind & your body will thank you. 
Now that you have your brain making a game change we can
discuss the options you have to help yourself on another blog

Remember on the morrow keep forever what you decide today

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