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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Magic of Ginseng

Its magic to me:
Ginseng root was introduced to me in a mans cologne actually. Seems it has this 
magical power I was unaware of. 
I would not have a good day & be upset with my guy,when he would come home
from work I was going to let you know what hit the fan,but to my surprise it did
not work out that way.I would calm down and all things did not seems so petty.
My mood changed that drastic. Unable to understand what was going on I just 
shrugged my shoulders and went on. But this magic happened quite a few more 
times after that over the next few months & then I wanted to know why? Not that
 I wanted to be mad or anything. It was a good thing yes? 
Well I thought so. We figured at the time when this magic happened was when
 my guy was wearing this Ginseng Cologne. Taaa- Day. This funny root not only works magic but it looks funny & makes you smile.

                                                              Kinda looks like people

                                                         Jovan is a very popular cologne

                                                          Parfum & Cologne for both sex's 
So today you can find Ginseng in a lot of things on the market. As my mum says
 it is good for what ales you. This pretty cool root has many things it is good for.
So check out the many possibilities of usage and intake and you will be amazed at it's
usefulness.So maybe, you might want to put a little magic into your life, then I suggest
 this wonderful Ginseng. 
Mother nature is grand in giving us these wonderful gifts. May you enjoy the gift of Ginseng as I have. 
Thanks for reading my blog.
Tootles till the morrow.

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