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Saturday, August 6, 2011


It is such a moving concept for anyone really. It can take way beyond the realm  of where you are thinking.Many times i listen, just like the rest of the world. Life's greatest passions is to express ones self to others. Taking you into their small world for just a few minutes.
Maybe this is a way of traveling through the internet space, since most tunes are on Youtube or other places.
Connecting the head phones or ear plugs to yourself, it goes right into the brain. Pretty much can't hear anything but music , technology sounds and effects of some kind.
What a wonderful thing to have. It does not matter what you listen too it all goes in one ear or another so to speak.  The stage of the game is to always outdo one another. You get so use to listening to tunes a certain way (in studio)  that when you go to a concert it sounds so different. So they (meaning the musicians & singers ) have to put on this exuberant show with lights, other bodies,explosions etc,etc so as to make you feel like the same as you listen to on the radio or CD's, well that's my opinion anyway.. Will you like them as much as when  you hear them in your ears?
some yes. No matter who they are you will love them just the same. Nothing is better than a live concert. well except for the cruncher's upfront. In that case cross your fingers you do not get tramped to death if something should happen or if they get sick on you ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.
And there's the Solomon of music that you just want to enlighten your self being. Calm,relaxing soothing. this helps in the healing process of ones self. One of which I like to listen too. Well other than my total rock, grunge, metal  and punk. I have a variety of taste.
If I had a wish to see a live concert soon, it would be the greatest singer (according to me ) would be the wonderful Cindy Lauper. & BB King what a combination huh? LOL
I have two music videos I would to depart with , so that you may enjoy  & have a relaxing evening or day which ever it may be.
Thank you for reading my Blog, may Mother Earth keep you in comfort & feel peace. Blessed Be
Tootles for now & enjoy

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