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Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello again,
I thought that I might write about one of my most favorite animals. and that my friend is a cat. 
These creatures are for the most, patient and loving. Except for the few occasional ones that's
 are just plain mean. But you have to be a respecter of them or to any animal really,
 that is what  they are.

My belief is cats are Goddesses. They are there to protect you. To comfort you when
you are low. They are excepting of you and thus make themselves be known when they
 are very happy by doing their famous purr. Of course if they could only talk verbally 
then they would I am sure, so they must  talk body language. 
They are pretty much very independent. You do not have to walk them. Of course they
will follow you constantly even if to be outside or inside. Your home is their castle.

Cats are very affectionate and love too play and cuddle. They get much joy out of 
entertaining themselves, which in turn make us smile with laughter. Silly animals
 but that is what their job is. Is to make us happy .

 My kittens decided they would such a thing by playing with this empty box I had.  Now this
 made me giggle very much. Such energy. I can say that about most small animals , they have lots.
    I would like to have you send a picture of your cat in action. Some playful things that  they do.
We can enjoy them together and see what fun they are. Thank you for reading my blog.
May mother nature be kind to you & give you the joys of life with your animal. Blessed Be
Tootles till the marrow

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