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Monday, August 15, 2011

Cat Licks

Hello & fun day to you again,
I thought that I would run with my passion for cats for a bit. There is so much to tell about them.
So my next pictures are going to be about cats with their tongues out. Funny creatures
 always cleaning themselves or licking there hands or mouth, lick,lick, lick LOL.

We as cat lovers can kinda identify ourselves with them. We liked to be feel love,and
 caressed ,we need it. An independent creature who is fickle and finicky too. A free
spirit to roam around our castle and the outside world to play with things. Always wondering
 back to our place of refuge don't you think. Most misunderstood little creature of the earth.
 Yes, you can play fetch with them.
I use to do that with one of my cats. when I would come home from work we had a \
 ritual that I had to crinkle up paper and throw it down the hallway and say "go get it "
and my cat would run down the hallway and get it and attack it with her hind legs, grrrr
. LOl then she would come back to me and we
would do it again, like 15 -20 times. She was funny and would love to play that fetch game.
 Of course I had to make the crushing sound of the paper I was turning into a paper ball,
that she really liked.

Maybe life has this plan of making who wish to be creatures of the night, or the wall can live
in one state of the universe. We like to sit on our owners laps and just be petted knowing we
are loved. that's not too much to ask is it. Or you would like that awesomeness feeling of companion
ship that we all need with endless acceptance. No matter what animal your in love with or can connect
with, it is what your are as yourself. May your guiding lite of a beautiful animal touch you in your own life
bring you safety and love til the next.
Blessed Be always and tootles till the marrow my friend


  1. I think this is a cool site :)

  2. These are very adorable.. In fact, I myself own a kitty named sarah and she keeps licking me all over. Just love the way she comes after me.


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