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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amazing Peanut Butter

I was sitting and working on one of my projects, i decided to have a wonderful
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Wow! so here I am thinking about probably one
of  America's greatest food inventions.So delightful to always have it on hand.
We can thank a wonderful man for inventing such a great spread brown spread ,
 his name is:

                                                  George Washington Carver
                                                           1860 - 1943

Of course Americans can eat tons of peanut butter all of the time.
can eat it. Baking,put it on celery or just right off the spoon. So my

 favorite, is two ways. O
ne with strawberry jam or apple butter, or 

with bananas yummm.

So now I am very  happy that Mr. George Washington Carver did invent
and that he has made a lot of peoples pallets feel loved. This type of food for some 

peanut butter 
is magical I think. And can actually calm you down in time of 

need. But for those who cannot 
have peanuts I am sorry for your loss of this 

wonderful taking spread.
Then I wondered why would they put a dancing banana for a peanut butter song? 
it & so did I, it's because you can make a sandwich that way. Wonder how funny it

 would of been 
if they had a dancing peanut butter jar instead? 
LOL you guessed.
So I leave you with this PB&J thought. How do you really get peanut butter off the
 roof of your mouth without it sticking to your finger? LOL
Enjoy a happy song. May earths elements Bless you in your desire to taste great food

Tootles till on the marrow my friend

PS: send a picture of your favorite peanut butter fixings  :D

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