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Monday, June 15, 2015

Mama Mia That's some Spicy, No! Its Spaghetti Squash

One of my favorite food is the spaghetti squash and all its family. It is so
delightful with sweet stewed tomato's,  This healthy replacement for noodles
is a grand idea.  It also has just the right amount of crunch for those who like
a crunch with their bites.
Mama was always a very good cook. She spent lots of time in the kitchen making
homemade meals from scratch. It seemed, as if forever, since she used a gas stove
and oven. She would always make it with noodles , meatballs, fresh basil leaves
and olives. A true Italian meal even if we  were not Italian . It is the heart and soul
of a meal that makes it so wonderful.
I enjoy lots of vegetables, So to make this with spaghetti squash  was a very big treat
for me.  Of course if your not one for this type of vegetable then by all means eat
the regular spaghetti noodles.
It does not fill you up so much and leaves a nice taste on your tongue. The added garlic
bread will make a perfect match. So maybe you will try it this way for a new treat
on your dinner table. Trying new things is a very good thing and your children can
experience a new taste, I would definitely grow a few in the garden to make this meal
a A+.
Good eats till the morrow, Now go enjoy your spaghetti squash dinner

The Amazing Tater Chip

The good ole plain potato chip.
 I found it quite cute and funny
that anyone can make this
homemade treat, look like a delicacy.
All you have to do is put
these chips in a fancy dish with some special spicy sauce and voila
now you have an appetizer.
Of course I never really
understand why so many people
get an appetizer before a meal.
Even a salad seems to be a bit
much before a meal anymore.
This delightful treat is full of calories.
Full of saturated fats and very salty.  Yet we think, well its a fancy chip yes?
Then yet ,you still order your salad, before dinner as well.

So while dipping is small and yummy, the price not only lands on  your hips
but your heart.  This delightful dish as yummy as it  tastes, might be well to each of
us, if your table has more than 4 people,  Then you all could have just a small
Serving sizes in restaurants are more than 2 cups of salad before the meal.
So my suggestion is to half the salad.

Food is such a wonderful gift to us, it is up to us to eat it wisely.
So make your next meal enjoyable, delightful and less, your tummy
will still be happy.

Good Eats till the morrow :D


Monday, February 23, 2015

Sending Love

It is nice to just find an unexpected heart where ever I seem to go. This pretty red leaf had fallen on the hood of the car. Is this a small sign from God above that he is sending a temporal heart to lil ole me? I would like to think so.
It seems that while I am out and about doing something I come across a heart. I think those are the best kind, the one's you are not looking for ,and they just appear. 
Whether  you believe in the God above or not , it always puts a 
big smile  across your face, followed by the big "WOW" look
what I just found. Maybe a special angel assigned to grab hearts for the day and send them to people. 
Short but sweet a heart is always a sign of love. It can take you 
out of a sad place and always make it better. As for me I will
continue not looking for a heart, I like just finding them from
nowhere, where ever I happen to be at.
May you find a heart and smile and share it with someone else.
Till the morrow, many blessings.

Proverbs 8:17    I love those who love me and those who diligently 
find me.

1 John 4:19 
We love each other because he loved us first.

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