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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vicks Out that Toenail Fungus

You know that time you have finally figured out that you have a
Toe Nail Fungus. Gross right?!  It is estimated that between 2%
and 14% of the populations can get this.
   When you wear socks and shoes, your feet sweat. This causes
a warm breeding ground for fungus.I am in that % rating. I have
had this for many years. I investigated and found out that it cost an
oober amount of money to get rid of it and months of taking this
medication is very bad on the liver.
   But to my delight when I found out that a simple cure is in store for
this gross fungus. I was very excited and  said humm?? Why not try it.
Home Remedies are always an investment in my book to help yourself.
   I should of took a "before" picture right when I started but I did not
think about blogging about it till now. Still have 1/2  to go on my toe.
   This magical curse seems to working so far, so I shall tell you what
it is. VICKS Vapo RUB. Yes! the kind you put on your chest for a
cold.  My big toe never got green, but the nail turned white. I always
keep my toe nails cut, but still it was there.
   I have been putting Vicks on my toe nail for 30 days now. It is gradually
getting back to it's own color.  I can't wait too see it when it is all normal
A new Hope

1/2 done - 30 days after treatment

Add some on a Q-Tip 

Rub onto nail twice a day

Thank goodness for Home Remedies

This only cost $4.98 for treatment verses
$400.00 dollars. Way better.

This way is 2.1/2 months verses 1.5 years. Yeah
you do the math.
Who knew VICKS would have so many wonderful uses for it. I am sure the Doctors who love to charge us lots us money. They are really not for homeopathic type remedies, it is shunned.

We have to start thinking for ourselves, become
more self reliant. Not depend on the Doctors so
much, only when we really need them.

Not saying doctors are not good, just
we can figure out how to take care of
What did they do a long time ago? For
the most part pretty good. Our parents
and extended relatives were pretty smart.

When I put this on at night I put a bandaid on my toe, so it will not rub off. Kinda helps your nose
if you got a cold, because the VICKS smell is
under the covers.

So make sure, if you know someone or you have
a toe fungus to pass this method along to them.
Make sure you do as directed & be faithful about
putting this on a nail. I can't promise if it will work
I guess depending on how bad the nail is,but you
can give it a try ,just like me.
Many blessings, till the morrow
Happy VICKS-ing


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  2. Thank you for the information. Glad that you were healed. My toe has been healed also & I am glad God directed me to this wonderful everyday useful product. Praises to him & have a blessed day


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