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Saturday, May 10, 2014



I am a bit late,  but you know the  saying "better late than never "
Starting out this year with many challenges. They are small,  so
I am pretty sure I will be able to accomplish them, which is a
very good thing.
My most wonderful thing that I have been called to do in my Church
is to be the Relief Society Chorister. That is to be able to prayerfully
study each lesson and then pray and ask God's guidance to which
songs in the hymnal we are to sing.
But the most song that I am interested in is the "Practice  Song ".  This
song in my opinion is awesome. I am able to give the women in my class
a short history of whom the music was written by, 
I show them a picture  in hopes of making them pay more attention.
I think I would really like to make it kinda like singing time when we were
in primary when we were young. Oh how fun that was.
Who says that the adult practice singing time cannot be as much fun.  It
can still be reverent and we can all feel the spirit just the same. 
So this Sunday I shall make newspaper hats. Should be fun I hope.

I pray each each day my Heavenly Father directs me in the way I should go.
I am very honored to be a part of his church, I am proud to say I am a 
Latter Day Saint, and I look forward to working in his vineyard everyday.
All Praise to him who is the Savior of the world of whom I am everything 
with him and  nothing with out him.
I bear my testimony that Jesus is the Christ , he lives today and has
provided us all a way back home with the ultimate sacrifice. I love him very much
In the name of Jesus Christ... amen.

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