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Monday, May 19, 2014

Shoe to the Pedal

   It is never to late to start exercising again. So I will be
riding my bicycle around town. Seems a bit more refreshing 
at the start of the day. Birds chirping, cool dampness still fills
the morning air. A new day, each day, ready to begin.
   Great thing about new days. If yesterday was not so good
for you, then you can start new.
    Goals are a great way to challenge yourself. I say " Never
give up, Never surrender". I always have used that quote from
a funny movie called " Galaxy Quest " with Tim Allen. No matter
how bad things were going for the crew of this ship, they never
gave up. A very good quote too live by and so shall I.
     I have my Helmet on and my bicycle is ready. Why don't you
give yourself a challenge and go for it. I promise it will be very
good for you. By the way if you ever get a chance to watch 
" Galaxy Quest " enjoy it  and lave lots of laughs.

Till the morrow. Good riding 

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