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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Sometimes I really think that I was born into the wrong era. All
of theses amazing colors of hair and fashion are right up my
alley. But who says I cannot enjoy them just the same no matter
what. So I do. 
I know that there are many colors to choose from. I feel like a
child in a candy store. This is so exciting.  My favorite color
is BLUE. But then the teal or aqua is right beside me also.
An oober amount of decision making. 
I have looked into many wigs and have compiled quite a 
few choices. These are from Japan. They have great prices
and all are from the Cosplay type which are really cool.
So here is me with Blue hair and few other wigs that I plan
to buy in the near future.
Lets see you in  blue hair fashion, and lets move the world.

Till the morrow;   Blue is awesome

this has both aqua & blue which is adorable
such a cute style

Love the 3 tone color in the back

like the color green of this one , not to dark or bright

LOVE this style and color, light colors on top brings out the youthful

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