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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Aww Shucks

Have you wondered which way would be the best for grilling those
corn on the cobs you have bought? Have I got an idea for you.
   For a long time i use to eat my corn just boiled. And on occasion
I still do. But this all changed while I was at a Fair one weekend.
I saw this really long line and wondered what was making it so long.
What was everyone waiting for? So I decided too join this line and
find out for myself.
   Too my amazement after 45 minutes I was close to the front of
the line and I saw 6 men at a grill. Each being 3 on each side standing.
Then they all worked together lifting up this grill and flipping it over.
and you guessed it, they had corn on it. While these batches were 
grilling they would pull down the shucks of the already cooked corn,
dip it in a huge vat of butter and give you napkins & then we gave them 
$3.00 bucks. 
   O.K. so whats so amazing about corn? I thought? Till I took a bite.
It was awesome!! So since that day I have grilled my corn on the cob

   My best way of  grilling corn is let the whole corn soak in 
just plain water for 30 minutes. Then place each corn in on a piece
of tinfoil and wrap tightly. Place on the grill ( I use charcoal)  that is 
500 -600 degrees, turn every ten minutes till done. Which is about 45 
minutes to an hour. Once done, I like to take the tin foil off , place corn
on grill again and let some of the shucks brown. Even if we peel them
off anyway, it adds a nice look to them.
So now you know how to grill corn. May your corn be an awesome
Grilled Corn   I own this Photo
for your taste buds 

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