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Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Bunny Bottles

Easter is such a wonderful time. all of the cute bunnies
and colorful eggs that everyone does. I did happen to find
a DIY on a crafty item and decided to do it with the help
of my family. Thanks to www.  Easter
Bunny Bottles,  I was  able to make my own.
With a little added difference, you can make one too. May
your day always be filled with a smile. Think of the wonderful
things nature has to offer in her world. Touch someone with a
pay it forward and it will make it's way back to you.
Till the morrow as always

With left over yarn I made a cute tiny basket


  1. Hi Kitcat. I am a first time visitor. And greetings from San Francisco, California. You have a very nice blog. I really like the nativity post where you shared from the book of Luke. And your Bunny Bottles were so creative. I can see your passion for life as a theme in your blog. Bravo!
    I also write a blog. I write about food but with my reflections on love, relationships, family and friends. Please stop by and visit. Maybe follow. That would be cool.

    1. Hello Mario, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad that you liked it. I will be very happy to ring your doorbell & visit your blog as well. Thank you for the information & your very nice comments.
      Many blessings.


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