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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Behind A Door

Behind a door there is a smile
That no one ever see's
A word that is spoken
But no one ever hears

Behind a door that's closed
Are the bolts that begin to rust
And when they brown, no eyes will look
No heart to care
A soul with in, behind that door
Behind a door has only walls
Cold to the touch, so I can breathe
A light from the bottom
As shadows pass by
Those scratches that I make
Are my inside braille
The world is closed
Behind a door, I hum
To my ears
Thinking my thoughts
So I may not fear
Behind a door a child locked
A woman grown, but really not
And behind a door I sit, I slide
Dreaming of a place while running
Without this wood full of splinters
Behind a door, wishes it would open
Just turn that knob
Just maybe, just maybe
I will not be broken
From behind a door

By Rebekah Owens
copyright @ 4/2012

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