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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today is just what it is. What will you do with yours?
Sitting and enjoying the morning quiet, well except for the
the train horns. Challenging as it may seem today is just
a day. Till the night falls and it is dark. New stories of
some kind will appear. Maybe they will be happy ones
of success, inspiration, goals and accomplishments. Today
is maybe a smile that starts your day. And if not can you
turn it around and make it so?
Today is not yet tomorrow,except when tomorrow is here
it will yet again be today. A new day to start over, too
strive at a better you. Can you write about it with happiness
or sulk with a frown? Can you make it better? Today is
such a big word because you can fill it with so much.
Stretch forth not only your imaginations but your hands
to help. Today my friend is today, so what will you do
with yours?
Till the morrow & thanks for reading my Blog  :)

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