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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love of Pickles

How amazing are pickles? Well in my house they are a must.
On the average of 5 or more jars will be in the refrigerator.

A wonderful vegetable full of vitamin A,vitamin C
calcium and potassium to boot. Cucumbers are low
in calories and great for digestion. I love picking out
fresh cucumbers from the store. Whats better than that?
Growing them  of course.

Pickles can be eaten in a variety of ways, so this makes
such a great thing to have in your daily diet. Making a
wonderful pickle,onion & sprout sandwich on wheat-
berry bread makes a tasty lunch. Even just a plate for
a snack is pretty cool.

So I encourage you  too find the joys of eating pickles
so that you can see how truly tasty they can really be.
May mother nature give you her best of vegetables
and put a smile on your face. Blessed Be & thanks
for reading my blog. Till the morrow ..... eat well

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