I appreciate you dropping by to visit me. All in a days thinking is what I do. Earth and water elements are my journey. To help others realize the beauty in themselves.
To see outside of the box and admire the beautiful world. I hope to inspire those who feel touched and want to have a better day or even minute. So browse around. Thank you for visiting, leave a comment I would like to hear what you have too say. On this note I leave, till the morrow & Many Blessings

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pretty Flowers

Life seems to give us many chances at discovering what is
out in the world. It is only up to us all to take small notice
of them.
Color is a very favorite of mine. That of which I add to what
ever that I do or tend to find. These beautiful flowers happen
to being laying on the ground in the middle of nowhere.
They could of been flipped out of the delivery truck, or a
undesired flowers that someone got, that really did not want them.
Just the same they were found. so that makes a smile
on my face for at least a week or two. How pretty they are just
staring at me from the vase.

Mother nature again has giving me a little surprise. All colorful
and pretty. Funny how they are all the same flower, but with
color added to each one. Which in turn makes them more lively
to look at.

So an extreme closeup of these lovely ladies makes their beauty
shine even more.  Maybe you can find some small take notice
kind of thing on your daily duties of the day. No matter what it
may be. Beauty is in the beholders eyes. So  I did notice a little
ladybug sitting on one of the pedals when I took a photograph of
it. Hello bug, ha ha pleased to greet you.

As you sit and wonder what your day will bring, make sure
you smile. It  makes others wonder what your up too. Thanks
for reading my Blog as always. Till the morrow

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love of Pickles

How amazing are pickles? Well in my house they are a must.
On the average of 5 or more jars will be in the refrigerator.

A wonderful vegetable full of vitamin A,vitamin C
calcium and potassium to boot. Cucumbers are low
in calories and great for digestion. I love picking out
fresh cucumbers from the store. Whats better than that?
Growing them  of course.

Pickles can be eaten in a variety of ways, so this makes
such a great thing to have in your daily diet. Making a
wonderful pickle,onion & sprout sandwich on wheat-
berry bread makes a tasty lunch. Even just a plate for
a snack is pretty cool.

So I encourage you  too find the joys of eating pickles
so that you can see how truly tasty they can really be.
May mother nature give you her best of vegetables
and put a smile on your face. Blessed Be & thanks
for reading my blog. Till the morrow ..... eat well

Friday, February 10, 2012

No not the Same

Although there are many birds on a wire and they
all look the same,flutter the same and yes tweet
the same. But one must always be different than
the rest to stand out in the crowd. So that bird
would be me. No not the same as anyone else.

I like to stand and make others wonder why.
I am me and therefore I am not scared to  hang
upside down to the world. Unique is a smart
thing. I still tweet,flutter and fly, but all will notice
and say what is different. I am happy to be different
in my own style and so should you.
So find your place among the others and make it
your own. You will be glad you did.
Till the morrow & thanks for reading my blog :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


What better way on small occasion's  is to have a nice
warm home made cinnamon bun.
The scent is over whelming in the morning and
with that a nice cup of your favorite coffee yes?
So this is my picture of what I made & it
taste very nice.

May your day be very sweet & relaxing for you.
Blessed Be as always & thanks for reading my blog
till the morrow... ^..^

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