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Monday, January 30, 2012

Wind in my thoughts

Wind in my thoughts as the sea calls to me.
A long pier with a short distance. Times like these
I remember well. Growing up around the ocean and it's
endless beauty. My dad always wanting to take me out
in the wee morning hours too see the sun rise.
The wind has this scent of sea salt and fish. Spending
3 days or more at a time in the big, big ocean.
Only not to see the shore. But snorting turtles surfacing from
beneath the waves. Quiet. The fishing lines ripping noises as the
boat  would turn, round and round for hours.
Funny how a pier brings back flashes of times with my
Dad and the ocean.
If things that you see, bring back memories of times well
spent. Happy thoughts that make you smile. Then nature
has done her job. Think good thoughts and smile. May
your memories be Blessed 100 fold & give you goosebumps.
Thanks for reading my Blog, till the morrow, till the morrow :)

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