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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rainy DayZ

 Have always loved the rain. ever since I was a wee girl.
The world seems a bit different when the heavens sent water through the clouds.
Soft the day seems, with a tainted light above. Birds take a happy
shower & fluff with happiness.
Seems the world wants to have a little more caution on it's side,
well to most. I would love to hear the raindrops on a tin shed.
The wind blowing through the tree making a hollow sound. Chimes
ringing about on the porch.
Nice day to sit on the porch with a cup of hot tea and just watch.
Just a lazy day. Time for thoughts & dreams to ponder upon.
Curl up & read a good book, or write a poem or story.
Rainy dayz are just that, a daze into the amazement's of Mother nature.
Have a wonderful day and may Mother nature
be kind and give you something special in your day that will make you smile.
Thanks for reading my Blog,
 Many Blessings till the morrow..... ^..^

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