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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Being Normal

Sometimes is not quite often. Being normal is what? To who?
 Being you is important. Doesn't matter what others think. A smile
in your own mirror at yourself is all the approval that you need.
I wonder in my thoughts of days to come. Of my dreams that will
become a reality. So making comments to self, is just that.
 Putting them on paper,writing a goal date, prepare mentally &
 physically is all apart of the plan. If you do not do this, then you have not committed
 Think goal,think commitment, think I can. Even if be just  for 5 minutes.
 Common now 5 minutes? You can do that, it is not hard.

Sometimes pretending to be normal is very hard, because I am normal to me.
Your normal is you. So when others say act normal, your reply is "I" am.
 I'm happy with normal me and you should be too.
May mother nature give you her blessings. Courage to stand up
 straight  and be happy with your normal. Thanks for reading my blog as always.
Till the morrow. ^..^

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