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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Wings of passion stretch forth my visions

Out into a fiery grave of marked graves
Long does the journey seem to be with it’s arches
Wanting that re-verbiage but not yet so
White blood gown upon my body represents life is
Not all that clean nor perfect
Stretching forth my hands grasping for what is there
Making noises of acoustic pitches in the air
Screaming at the echoes
Turning cameras round and round making you dizzy
Fly above the mountains with the dragon hearts
Have the winds breeze my hair with dew
Touch me with lightning strikes so that I can be reborn
Into the vastness of the dungeons below
Fighting with my Armour
For I will cut you strong and win
For I am a Princess Warrior
I will not accept defeat
So lay your weapon down
And beg for mercy
Plead your case
And if, it be worthy
I will let you live
Rebekah Owens

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