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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rainy DayZ

Such an exciting thing is rain I think. It's the heavens way of giving the world a much
needed bath. Of course these baths can take up to a week don't ya know.
But I am still amazed at its loveliness. The winds kick up and the thunder bolts,while
the rolling thunder cracks the sky. As I sit on my porch an admire this element it is a
calming factor just the same.
It is a different thing if you are caught in a storm while driving. As this one day 
I had ventured out & on the way back to my place here is came. Astonishing. I tried to
capture its beauty while driving. 
Of course I was not the driver don't be silly. So here are a few shots as it progressed.

As I traveled down the highway, up & over a bridge and finally into town ending
at the last picture, as you can see not to many people were at this stop light. This was
about 14:00 pm, we had to use head lights . Was a fascinating day just the same.
Maybe you can enjoy your rain from your porch such as I and see the wonders of the earth
in action in front of your eyes or porch, or where ever you wish to view nature from.
May mother earth be kind to you and give you a nice rainbow at the end of her shower.
Thanks for reading my Blog as always.
Till the morrow. Tootles :)

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