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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My New Doo

Good Morning,
I just love  all of the hair colors they have. One fun thing about me is I am always coloring
 my hair. Women kinda like to do that or something. whether it be hair,cloths,nails
earrings,tattoo,body piercings etc,etc. We have to look good and feel good. Of
course I think it all stems from playing dress up as kids ( my opinion ).
So, some kind of constant style was instilled in us. Some it carries on into adulthood
and others it is left by the wayside. As for me, I love style in any shape or form.
It expresses you as an individual and thus you should be you and show it. Most fashions
by the younger crowd tend to copy each other, it's a phase as always. Fashion has always
done that. But you can dress like everyone else or do your hair etc,etc. BUT put your own
click or tweak to it, then it says you all over it. Whooo and I am impressed who those
who put forth the effort to being who they are, in dress,hair or any other fashion.
So without further a due here is my new hair color,colors  

O k so its on the orangy/reddish /pink on the ends side. LOL But everyone seems to like it
it. So I will keep it for just a bit. The ends came out pink because the ends of my hair were
lighter blonde,go figure so it' turned pink. which pink is actually a cool fashion statement.
May your day have a bright look to it. a great fashion statement, what ever it may be.
thanks for reading my blog. Merry Meet & may mother nature bless you in your day.
Tootle till the morrow :)

1 comment:

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