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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Life in a Tree

Yep that's me in a tree.  Feeling the leaves,climbing. Maybe I'm
 like Jane without a Tarzan. actually I think Jane is a very independent ,ahh tree lady?
Of course tree's are like suppose to be our friends and such aren't they?
Where ever nature is I am, most likely going to be there you see.
Trees not only provide beauty,but oxygen and fruits of some kind.
Does that make me a nutty person? LOL  Well, maybe I kinda am a lil-bit :)

Life in a tree is what? Too me I am vibrate at times and shed my
leaves at others. My bark peels if not watered enough. I can
stand tall or hover beneath my branches.

Life in a tree, is flowing with the wind , when it blows. Making bends when I need too  in my life.
It is never a sure thing see.
Mother nature provides tree for us to enjoy,such as ourselves. They need care. Someone to talk to them. Ask to take fruit from them & then say thanks. You will be  surprised at how well a tree will grow & produce for you.
Life in a tree is most often forgotten. Only when you need shade you are glad. Only when you need food are you wanting.
A piece of decoration that most can chop down without any thought. Just like people who treat other people
without any thought. When they want you, you are a beautiful tree. But soon as your shade is gone they
will chop you down without thinking . Dig you up and get a prettier tree.

So life in a tree is yet a daily challenge. Wake up too the sun,shake with the rain & house many a bird poo  on my branches. Yet I stand tall &proud to be a tree. Firm in my foundations & hold strong to the universe that I must depend on each day.

So stand tall in your tree,where ever that maybe. Life in a tree is more beautiful than any one could ever imagine. Grow yourself a few more branches. Share your fruit of service to others so that mother nature can give back too you. Yes life in a tree is indeed just that. I rest from my cares each day so the sun will
shine on me and make me smile just once more.
Blessing to you & thank you for reading my Blog. Till the morrow :)

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