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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am She said

I am she said as she walked across the room. I am who I am.
I need not to have fancy cloths to wear, nor have a silver
spoon in my mouth. I am who I am she said. I feel as any
other should feel, and dance a slow dance with  music.
I stand in a crowd  full of people, just the same as you and
I. I am who I am she said. Unique to each one. No one
is the same. I want to be me,because me is who I really
am. Why judge then of my actions or way that I dress. I
am me and not you. Beauty is in the beholders look. Can
you see beyond the page. Though it be torn and burned do
ye see inside the pages that still shine with wonderful words?
I am she said because I understand. I am because life is
not all about me,but of others who trials are yet harder. I
am  because that is the way that it is suppose to be.
I am me. So in my life's journey, me is the one who has to
answer to my own self's  conscience. I am she said because
that is me in the end. I am me.

To understand someone is not to really know them, but to except who they
are from the point of seeing me. People have a great person inside. Do not
judge others lest ye be judged the same way. I am me and happy with that.
May mother nature bless you in your endeavors to appreciate your own self
as well as others. See the beautiful art  of expression. Be it body,mind or  any
thing. Blessings to you. Thanks for reading my blog. Tootles till the morrow.


  1. Beautiful post - I love your view point and the photos are beautiful <3

  2. Well thank you very much Nemo. Nice of you to say so. Pleased to greet you :) ^..^


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