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Friday, October 14, 2011

Dream Scape

Come follow me into a dream scape world
Full of desires of the heart wanting to escape
Make them so they feel as if they are real
Pondering deeply with in my soul
Dragging the winds behind my feet running
Wheeling dusts of grandeur  , rocks flying into particles
Dragging not what I left behind me,but moving swiftly
Towards the orange basted sun in the mirage of heat waves
Cupping the bugs in the teeth of freedom
Tasting the sweetness I yet so desire
Manipulating the crank between my finger tips pulling
The sounds into my bones
Reaching for what you might want to achieve
Gluttony of passion brings forth yet another year
Flying seems so parasitic
Overwhelming your being it enlightens your thoughts
Your dreams
Your bondage
Setting yourself free to once more break a habit
And smile at yourself with proud hands
Contemplating each movement, each goal
Of wanting desires in your dream scape world
Be not afraid of challenges lest they take you over
And drag you down beneath the worlds above
Drowning your thoughts of accomplishments
Rise above that wicked,wicked chain
Remove it and be free to fly with happiness
Making your paved road smoother
With fewer pebbles to deal with
Rebekah Owens
| ©2010

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