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Friday, October 14, 2011

Angels in the Midts

Some times your angels visit you .You may or not recognize them, but they are still there. Flying about their business of helping. Speaking soft whispers in your ears. Making their flights into your life whether  it be day or night. Offering up advise to guide you in the right direction. It is there job.
They have been assigned to you. And sometimes at your weak point in you life they might call in a few extras to help you. Those precious moment of seclusion that you think that your all alone. But your not. They are they waiting for you to ask for their help. It takes courage to ask. Even if it is for a angels help. You know some one is there. At times you can feel their presence. You can know that they have helped you by the circumstances that you are in. How did you make that decision you made at that instance in your life? Was it because you did listen, but yet still not recognize? Did you think you made that choice all by yourself? I think not.
Angels bring happiness to you, they make things work out for the better. And though you sometimes deny them there callings they are still assigned to you. To try and prompt you into doing good. To save you from your own demise in your life. If only you could see them it might make it more comforting to you. But alas you cannot. There fore it will take belief on your part.
You wonder how things have happened . How you were taking in the direction that you made. Which turned out to be a great one. The phrase” some one was watching out up stairs for me ” brings into the light that they do really exist. And when you do see  picture of them you feel some what relieved and calm. If only you had the wings to fly. They are beautiful creatures of the spirit world. A light that shines so bright that some times  it is blinding.
I am pleased to recognize my angels.They make me happy. The give me encouragement to continue on this earth of constant battles. Battles they require not only mental strength but physical strength as well. Putting on your Armour for fighting is a daily challenge. Don’t give up on your self so easily.
Let your angels help you in their own way for you. They are your friends. Don’t shut them out. They are just for you. And yes people are stubborn and mock over them or cursing their goodness.
They trample their angels in hopes of driving them away. But they stay just the same. And if you are not feeling them during your day or night exertions they will visit you in your dreams.
Angels in the midst are constant,loyal and loving to you. You must feel them a little more in your life. Maybe whisper in their ears for once and thank them for being your constant companion.
My angels are happy I’m sure. They fly around me all of the time. Bringing sweet breezes my way with there wings. Helping me to choose the right. Though this life is hard and full of trials. They can help us get better grades in our life of school. Maybe you can invite your angel over to your heart and make your life a little bit easier.
Rebekah Owens
| ©2009

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