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To see outside of the box and admire the beautiful world. I hope to inspire those who feel touched and want to have a better day or even minute. So browse around. Thank you for visiting, leave a comment I would like to hear what you have too say. On this note I leave, till the morrow & Many Blessings

Friday, July 15, 2011

Those Eyes

This is a video of one of my many passions. That is eyes. I am very sure that the eyes lead to the soul of all things. It can open many alleys into many wonderful things. They tell a lot about a person. And no matter whose face they are on, they always have a story behind them. it's up to us to figure out compassion upon whom ever they belong too.
Blessed Be for taking time out of your day to take a look.
Tootles till the morrow and take a few minutes of time out for yourself. You deserve it

My Business

This is a short video presentation of just a little of my digital art work that I do, so hope you enjoy it
Thanks for stopping in checking things out.
Tootles till the morrow & remember, you are a better person each day, tomorrow is new and the sun will shine yet again

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I had the pleasure while out of town on biz, to find a building that  had a pretty stairwell. I wonderd how many people liked these wonderful things. So I decided to travel on over to Google search and see.
Much to my surprise they have amazing images of such beautiful stairs wells. Ahh to be in the cameras view at the moment these people took those shots.
Some of which seemed to be endless in colors as the case spirals up to the top. Cathedral ones seem to be a biggy.
So I have decided to share the ones that I took. Maybe they will inspire you to look onward too something amazing that is in your neighbor hood or you can venture out into the world a bit farther than your own back yard. Funny thing is when you pick up the camera it captures what is around you. Of course you point and shoot, but be mindful of what you are taking a picture of. One specific thing you were attracted too that made you want to take that picture. So I give you a challenge of finding something that is normal, but show it in a different light of mind, well yours and see if you can bring it to life.
                                    This shot here I was at the top of the stairwell looking down

   These next two shots are a view of the windows at the top and the middle of the stairs looking down.
The windows are a bonus for me. The tan wall seemed to jump out at me, so I angled the camera to get all
of them. Of course it gave it a fish eye effect but that's the beauty of that shot, I gave an illusion without giving one. Make since?  The middle shot seemed cool because it had a blue like glow on the windows during the sun light.

These next two shots I moved down stairs to the bottom of the stairwell.Can you just imagine a lovely
model with a very long train coming down those stairs, of course in red. The windows looking up was
very abstract in view, which I like. Since the stairs went up on a curve the angle was great. I think tan and blue are a great combination for colors don't you think so? So I will add one more picture that was at the top of the stairs.
 Taaa-daaa!! It was a mural. It was pretty fascinating. Blue is such a pretty color. The artist who drew these
did a great job, so I say kudos to them.
So at my journeys end, I left behind a pretty amazing stairwell that will have a photogenic picture in my mind
forever and a big smile that I was able to capture them.
Enjoy your day, where ever you may have to go. Find beauty in any form and admire what mother earth has for you , either in the form of nature or mans abilities to produce them. Either way enjoy.
Blessed Be  and thank you for dropping by to read my blog & see my pictures.
Tootles for now till on the morrow.

Effects of Life

                                                You wake up day and this is how it starts. 
You ,yourself and the things you do are in subject to its outcome. Of course you can't control mother nature nor the furies car,planes etc.etc.
But you can control what you have inside yourself and that of which ,what you give to others.
The universe is broad and hears what you have to say. 

Wake up in a crappy mood and so your day shall be also. You speak to others and they feel your energy's that you put out. Keep in mind that those around you begat what you have to offer. They are inclined to be a bit more passive to you if you are.

 Of course you will always come across the idiots of the world who think they are Gods and can never do wrong.They only care unto themselves. Take a chance and step up to the plate so too speak in a world of players. Only you can make you happy and not what let others think or say about you effect your outcome you have started, your day out with.
You have to try and be positive. Even when bad things happen. One can wallow in it and be sad and depressed or you can figure out what happened and say "what can I learn from this situation".
Sure easier said than done right? There ya go being negative. Work it out and smile instead anyway. Anger is not a happy person. Only makes life angrier. 
I figure each day is a school anyway. I wonder what grade I will get today? And even if I was to flunk and get and and "F" there is always tomorrow. 

Forgive is a big word. If you don't do that, it harbors chains at your feet daily, making it harder to walk. Slows you down and eventually holds you down. So the sooner you take care of those chains the better off you will be.
I do admit to my bad days I am so not perfect. But that is why I try harder each day. I look for the sun to  rise and the moon to set. Find ways to brighten my own day. You know a good thing is service. Not only do you help others, but it helps you forget your problems. Other people do have it worst, no matter what situation you are in.
I like to rely on me.. then I can rely on others. Days end  & passes with each hour. Do you know what tomorrow is? Another day. Move forward and continue on your journey. What have you done to make yourself a good name. Will others see this in you? Or will they push you to the side. Compassion within yourself will reap compassion in others. So take the seed and plant it, it will work.  Of course don't expect it to happen overnight. But I promise if you have a better attitude about yourself , others they will notice.
Just a few thoughts of the day. Press forward my friends, and cast a spell of goodness and others will see your light. May you always see a rainbow, somewhere in your life.

Thanks for stopping by as always & reading my blog. 
Till the morrow, tootles.

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