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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hello I'm just adventuring again. I have come to my senses once again and have decided to go to school .That is really never a bad idea. Knowledge is a good thing and you much continuously apply to your own self to advance to the next level of your life. You can never learn to much. seek what you like, good things of praise, wonderful memories in your your photogenic minds and it will never leave you.
So now I am enrolled into the New York Institute of Photography . I am excited to learn all I can and more about this fascinating industry.
This day and age has many cameras available to use. Digital is the most used and it is a lazy mans camera. You do not need to focus, or prepare you camera for a picture you just aim and click. Got the picture.
But I am into a bit more than that, since I am an artistic photographer too. I want the viewer to see what I am portraying in the picture that I put out.
Of course there are times when you just need to capture the moment or it will be lost so you cannot make it
just so. In these instances you just need to capture that special moment. when it happens.
You cannot pose all of your pictures or it will not capture the essence of what your trying to catch , if that makes any since. Unless you to want fashion photography, but still you pose the  model as you wish, in what ever outfit or background you want.
For now I am on the look for a better camera that I can manually adjust the settings. So that later I can invest in the camera that I would like to use for my profession that I am working hard on.
Cannon or Nikon both are great cameras. ISO  are a great option. Must have interchangeable lens. I need to work on getting a tripod for those great pan pictures. And umbrella for lighting,so much to do.

But I am having lots of fun because it is what I like to do.  These are some pictures I have taken so take a look.
One thing you will see a lot from my pictures is old windows. For some reason I like them. And very old buildings. This rose was just starting to grow right out side my barn. And then this next shot was the barn from a distance. Of course i could crop it down some for a better image of viewing but that was not was I was going for at the moment I took it The frog you see happen to join my ion the porch one night in the wee morning hours.
the spider was outside my door. So it took some very strong courage to take that picture because I hate, hate, hate them ewwww. I get very sick over them, but this spider was very pretty in color only, yuck i can even believe i took that shot.
This mushroom was at the bottom of the tree in my yard. It was pretty odd shaped, kinda reminded me of the Star Ship Enterprise LOL, make it so & lets warp over to the next set of pictures.

These first 3 shots are of a place I like to visit in Ocoee Florida. Its right by the police station and it has a lovely pier for sitting and if you want you can fish. It was an over cast day but I still decided to take these pictures.
Thee next too are obvious , it is a young calf out and about. He a little brave himself and finally came to the fence. But he thought he was hiding behind the blue wheel and the fence. Cute , kinda reminded me of a cat doing the same thing.
I wanted capture the rain drop dripping from this glass wind chime. I focused on the main subject so you can visible see what i was looking at so the back ground was blurred in doing this making my subject of the picture the main focus.
So these are but a few pictures I have taken. The fourth of July is coming up soon and I excited to get some pictures from that and then I can post them for you after that.
May your journey in life bring you  many wonderful experiences that you can remember and share with others around you. Blessed Be till I blog again.
Thank you for visiting my site page as always and return when ever you like.
Tootles for now   :D

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