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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Good morning my friends in the internet land :D
Been busy packing yet again.  I do not think anyone likes to pack and move. I mean common. Stress
to find a new place, Stress to get a transfer to another yet JOB. Property owners. App fees. over night payments to get there the next day. Making arrangements for a truck to pick up.
Cleaning the place that you are leaving. giving notice to your present employer. Leaving the new friends you just made to embark on new friends you will still make.
All this is much to take upon yourself. And if you have children you need to get transfers to new school. Of you now you have to find out what school they will attend. Thus making more work on yourself.
In todays economy you need to stretch your buget as far as you can make it. Finding the place you can live in without having to worry about IF you can make it in the new place is a big stress too.
So communication with your family members is important. Help each other during this time. Make a paln out to what the pros and cons are in your new move.
Write out all moneys that are going to be spent and where. Your income for each week and how you are going to stretchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it LOL.
All this and still studying in my new course of school preparations.
How can all this help you? Well maybe i can. See how much you have to do BEFORE and AFTER you make your move. Of course these are in perfect order but you get my drift on moving just the same.

Present Place Occupied.
Inform landlord of your move
Put in 2 week notice at present job
Get Boxes
box Tape
Newspaper or bubblies
Get change of address forms from post office
Turn off electric
Turn off internet & cable
Rent a moving truck, furniture dolly
Look up new places to move to
Call these places and or go to them
Make applications & pay fees for new places
Call new electric Company. Find out new fees/deposits
Call new inter/cable company: Find out fees & deposits
Find new location drop off for truck rental
Inform your friends/family of your move
Who will help you ( very important) at present end
Who will help you and the other end of move
Rewards for helpers ( i find that helpful, even if they decline moneys, I make them special bread to take home) or if they are guys who like beer then whayla provisions provided too.

If you have children:
Find out local school in your new area they will attend
Call administration offices for transfers
Check area for children activities, parks etc

If you are transferring to same job but different area:
Call employer you are transferring to or meet with them
Find out when your new employer will start you working/date

Find out your local grocery stores, & Malls ( whooo) who doesn't like the mall
Local Movies theaters
Do a Google World search on your new place & go internet driving see what the area looks like.
All this will help you kinda know where you are moving to already so you can be familiar with it yes?Thats my opinion/advice and I am sticking to it.

If you are moving out of state then find out miles,how long the drive. How many stops for gas fill ups,
Food breaks ( if needed) or you can go the inexpensive route and fill up a cooler with your own food to save money and stop at the truck stops for potty breaks, leg stretching and eating at a picnic table.

All of these things are important on a scheduled moving day
Make a time to pick up truck ( expect delays so add that in your schedule)
Time your help should arrive at your place
Expected time of finished loading of the truck
Time for finished details of house  cleaning ( you should of done most of this already) so a quick tidy of the place is always good.
Take pictures of your place you are leaving ( good for yourself if your expecting a deposit back)
this will provide proof of cleanup and any damages  to property. Of course you didn't damage it, but proof is always goods and have a date on pictures taken ( important).
Make sure that your out of the previous place on time, this will help also.
Call landlord and let him know you are now off property or visit him and drop off the keys. If he is available then have him meet you to see the place. Still take pic's though just to be safe if he cannot.

So this is my help to you on moving. Hopefully you can apply some or all to your own move. Thank you for reading my blog.

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