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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Alas a new day

Welcome back,
To whom ever reads these. I have added a playlist to my page in hopes that you might enjoy some music while you read.
I have  recovered from my silly ordeal of my last post and continue to strive each day as it passes. Light is bright at the end of my tunnel some what so I am happy. I decided that I would share some of my other talents with you and show you some of my artistic side of digital drawings and such. So I hope that you will enjoy them.
soon I will be able to open my own studio with these pictures for show and tell purchases.
I have just enrolled into the New York Institute of Photography program to better my self. I always say you can never learn to much. The world is full of knowledge and so you should seek after more each day.

Theses are some of my works. i love the face and the eyes are my most favorite thing to portray in my art work. so you will see much of that. The eyes are the windows to the soul. It's amazing no matter how many times you can see a face it has many expressions on each person. A story about themselves is what it is all about. Of course I can make other things too so that it is not so boring, but my trade mark will be of that. I place an hidden eye in each of my pictures. it is like a hidden watermark so too say. My logo.
Making things like this is my passion, so it keeps me quite busy. And now that I am going to school my schedule will be really full. I am very excited to go farther in the world of photography.

I have done a picture with fish inside of grapes. But that is just me and I like to imagine any thing that I can in different and odd places. Not your normal. Makes life interesting I think, don't you? I also made a picture of a odd tool I found and it kinda sorta looked like it had eyes, so there ya go a digital picture.
This 3rd picture is a blue eye I enlarged which is actually my cats eye. Then I placed the cat inside of his own eye and there you go , you still got a cats eye no matter how you look at it.
so I hope that you have enjoyed my little art show today and maybe you can do something in your life to artistically show off your unknown talents, What ever they may be I wish you success and maybe you can show me, if you want.
So Blessed Be to you & yours, and btw , thanXs for reading my blog  :D

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