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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here I go!

Hello and this is me.
 I figure i would actually try a blogger so here I am. So what to say is really i like to tell of poetry,fiction and non fiction stories. Of my  loves and lost loves. 
My life as I have grown up and the many complexities that have followed me threw the years. 
So here I am on today as number one. Not all sides of me are clear and yet they are if that makes any since. I am a fickle girl who has much compassion for life. If I am here to listen or to help then I shall do that. As you will see in my future blogs, one day or two I will be compassionate  and then it seems I am at deaths door the next. At this time it is quite dreary so it seems I wish to jump off a bridge and end it all, at that time I am just releasing the hounds, so to say, so that I can recover yet for another day and learn from what I write and maybe I can help somebody with some kinda problem they have. So, I tend to write in txt logo or a bit of short hand medical terminology form and even pig Latin just to be funny, that's just me a funny girl like Barbara Streisand, Sandra Bullock kinda chick. I believe what I say in being the best I can be. Love my true friends who are there constanly for me in this trial of life.
 Maybe someone will read what I start? IDK but I give it a go just the same. may you not get to confused at my stories, may they intrigue you to finish too the continuing saga of yet another story where I can leave and just pick up where I left off, yeah it's kinda like that, yes? hahaha well pleased to greet whom ever reads my blogs.
I am trying to figure out the character of the blog words atm, it has to be at most 500, so why don't they have a counter at the end so I know how many I have? I really do not want to count every frikken letter grrr. WTH!right?  And I would like to post pics with my blogs because it makes it more interesting , so that is my opinion and I am going to stick with it.
Seems I have figured it some what out, to me dahhhhh!!! I was totally in the wrong area geeze...
 So I shall continue on with my introduction of ones self and that is me. LOL 
Hello again and I will say tootles for now till I write an-actual blog or is this considered one? lmao big time rotfl hahhaha
Pleased to greet you

Here is a few pictures of  mushrooms I took a picture of ... amazing & enjoy

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