I appreciate you dropping by to visit me. All in a days thinking is what I do. Earth and water elements are my journey. To help others realize the beauty in themselves.
To see outside of the box and admire the beautiful world. I hope to inspire those who feel touched and want to have a better day or even minute. So browse around. Thank you for visiting, leave a comment I would like to hear what you have too say. On this note I leave, till the morrow & Many Blessings

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Good afternoon.
 I had the pleasure of drinking my coffee this morning with actually hearing the sounds of the birds chirping for a whole 10 minutes, whoooooo hell yeah. That is a great thing to hear because I like live right by the main highway, it is in my back yard. I am an avid coffee drinker now. I never was before, so I am enjoying all the different flavors they have. My latest being to have lots of different coffee cups. I mean change it up yes? I like to have color & fun in all that I have or do so this makes a little pizazz in the drinking of the coffee ritual.

Morning sun is great to wake up to. It just slips through the blinds saying good morning. I think each day is great because you wake up to a nu-day. It has not been used yet. So you need to take advantage of it. It is kinda like a daily life school where you need to see what grade you will get for the day. So make the best of it that you can. Explore what is there. Make a new friend. Tell someone that you love them or appreciate them for what they have done, a pat on the back. Have a good ear to listen instead of talk. And then the universe will hopefully be kind to you. Of course not all days are good as you know. And you feel like your in the shitter but guess what? You need to pick yourself off up that nasty ass ground and brush yourself off and try again. Even if the universe knocks you down 100 times. Fight the complexities of the day. Say" what can I learn from this?" instead of " whow as me whay whay" get up and try again.
Of course my grade is not perfect some days and I do blob like every one else but I still figure out what I need to do to make it better. I depend on myself to do that. Its kinda like a self esteem thing so I don't want mine getting to low see.
Mornings are great. did i like say that already? Well I shall say it again. It's a Nu-day g/f.. I can't imagine what mother nature has in store for, nor will I try. She kinda likes to give it up in surprise doses. I have always enjoyed my mornings par to being my mum's fault. She would wake up around 3am and start cooking breakfast. So you always had a full tummy going to school ,so you could think better. Which actually worked because I always got good grades in school. Even if I chatterd to much and got in trouble for it LOL. Hey! I wanted to know what other kids had to say. I call it brain food and I am always searching for more of it, that is knowledge.Maybe your day will turn out pretty good for you and you can get at least a B+.
So tootles for now till me meet on the morrow internet cycle. :D
PS: thanXs for reading my blog :+)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here I go!

Hello and this is me.
 I figure i would actually try a blogger so here I am. So what to say is really i like to tell of poetry,fiction and non fiction stories. Of my  loves and lost loves. 
My life as I have grown up and the many complexities that have followed me threw the years. 
So here I am on today as number one. Not all sides of me are clear and yet they are if that makes any since. I am a fickle girl who has much compassion for life. If I am here to listen or to help then I shall do that. As you will see in my future blogs, one day or two I will be compassionate  and then it seems I am at deaths door the next. At this time it is quite dreary so it seems I wish to jump off a bridge and end it all, at that time I am just releasing the hounds, so to say, so that I can recover yet for another day and learn from what I write and maybe I can help somebody with some kinda problem they have. So, I tend to write in txt logo or a bit of short hand medical terminology form and even pig Latin just to be funny, that's just me a funny girl like Barbara Streisand, Sandra Bullock kinda chick. I believe what I say in being the best I can be. Love my true friends who are there constanly for me in this trial of life.
 Maybe someone will read what I start? IDK but I give it a go just the same. may you not get to confused at my stories, may they intrigue you to finish too the continuing saga of yet another story where I can leave and just pick up where I left off, yeah it's kinda like that, yes? hahaha well pleased to greet whom ever reads my blogs.
I am trying to figure out the character of the blog words atm, it has to be at most 500, so why don't they have a counter at the end so I know how many I have? I really do not want to count every frikken letter grrr. WTH!right?  And I would like to post pics with my blogs because it makes it more interesting , so that is my opinion and I am going to stick with it.
Seems I have figured it some what out, to me dahhhhh!!! I was totally in the wrong area geeze...
 So I shall continue on with my introduction of ones self and that is me. LOL 
Hello again and I will say tootles for now till I write an-actual blog or is this considered one? lmao big time rotfl hahhaha
Pleased to greet you

Here is a few pictures of  mushrooms I took a picture of ... amazing & enjoy

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