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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Drawing Up a Game Plan

Once you have made up your mind to do Low Carb,  in this case that is
what I am doing, but it can work for any life change commitment  that
your making.
As I mentioned in the previous blog you will need a game plan. By this
first you need to study your plan. Read up on what, it is all about. How
you need to prepare yourself on the rules of this change.
Off the road for a minute, there are some people who have done the
Atkins Weight Loss thinking  hey I can eat ALL the meat I want too,
but alas that is kinda true but not all the way. You still have to watch your
intake of what type of meat .Most meats have added sugar and nitrates which
you need to stay away from.
Back on the subject of your game plan.  You must be writing all this down.
First make a list. like such.
A. As with any life change you make, Check with your Doctor first
     to see if your gonna be ok to start this change, especially
     with weight loss & exercise

1. Buy information related to your change
2. Read it and study it front to back
3>Decide on short term goals  & write them down
4: Decide on long term goals and write them down
5: Decide what exercises will be best for you.
6: Decide which type of exercise you will doing
     at first and what ones you will work up.
Exercise is so very important with any new diet change change
do let others fool into thinking it is not important, nor to just
pop a pill and hey your lost 50 lbs , Lets get on the reality band
wagon people. They want you to waste your money on them
instead of yourself.

These will be the best decisions of the start of your journey.
The road will not be easy first. Yeah you heard that phrase
" Rome was not built in a day" and neither were you. So it will
take some time to take it off or change. A very big commitment
should always be on your plate.

Do not let others drag you down with negativity once you have
set your game plan into action. If no one near you wants to support
you or join you on a new journey do not be discouraged. There are plenty
of internet places you can join to help keep you on task , give you ideas,and
help you, if your on a plateau.

Let me know what you have decided for yourself or goals you will be making
for your future and or your life change for you and your whole family. America
strong and healthy is a very thing to have.
Show me your Game Plan

Till the morrow

I will be making a LOW CARB Smoothie. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Brain Waves

So lets get into the fact that our brains help us to decide what we
want. And in the brain the first thought of an action of what we
are going to do, helps us out in the long run. For without it, we so
would not be able to make up our minds on anything.

" Brain Waves" No not this kind.

But it is kinda  how we will need to see ourselves. The microwave
let's say is our box, and yes you should know what the next line is.
We need to think out of our boxes.
Do you remember when you decided to make a commitment?
Doesn't really matter what kind, but it was one. How you got
excited, and enthusiastic and just wanted the world to know
of your new game plan?
These type of brain thoughts are what we call neurotransmitters.
They get released every time we think of things over & over again.
Theses chemical messengers or "waves" as I call them send signals 
and communicates to parts of itself  and your nervous system.
Neurotransmitters control virtually all of your body's functions
from hormones to digestion, to feeling sad, happy or hungry. 

Now that I have explained just a tad of  your brain I can mention
that any life change or diet which I do not like to call them. Must
start from your own thoughts and brain. 
Not only will you have to change the way you eat, but you must
change the way you think about food. How you must retrain your
brain and  jump off the norm boat that everyone else is on and
get on a flying high balloon where others like yourself are finding
a new way of eating,And a new way of thinking.

Take care of your mind & your body will thank you. 
Now that you have your brain making a game change we can
discuss the options you have to help yourself on another blog

Remember on the morrow keep forever what you decide today

Friday, July 15, 2016

Garlic & Onion Bagel Cloud Bread

"Garlic and Onion Bagel Cloud Bread" Oh! My!

This delightful taste bud awakening bread will be such a treat. It
must be served warm to enjoy the full flavor. If you like more
garlic flavor then I would suggest melting real butter and add your
garlic to drizzle on it just before you eat it.

I decided to make this since we do like bagels, I mean who doesn't
right!? But alas I had no bagel pan. So I took out my big muffin pan
already to use, then I remembered that I had a doughnut pan, that I
had been given, and had not used it yet. How cool is that. It must of
been waiting just for this special moment in time.

I made my cloud recipe as usual but added 1/2 tsp garlic. 2 Tbl of
Almond flour, 1/2 tsp Baking Powder and 1/2 tsp dry onion flakes
Folded it in to the peaked egg whites. Then I lightly sprayed my
pan with vegetable oil and added the cloud mixture to each section.
 Oven is set for 300 degrees and I cooked it for 25 minutes.
When done I brushed each bagel lightly with olive oil mixed with oregano.
Then added garlic powder and more onion flakes. Done.
I added the flour and baking powder to help with the rising of this
bagel bread . So for the 2 Tbl spoons I used I added 2 carbs to
the bread. That is for the whole mixture. So it still is next to nothing
on the carb count.

I had to hold myself off from peeking too soon, because I thought if I did
the bread would fall, IDK I'm weird. But finally after 10 minutes I slowly
opened the oven door. So far so good and I smiled. :O)

Hey, I do think they are starting to look like what I wanted them to look like.
   Kitchen inventions seem to be like a science project to me. Except that I
am not sure what the end results will be. Like my mamma used to say" practice
makes perfect."

After today ,I will wait a bit to invent and get on to the matter of how we can get
started on a healthier Low Carb Life Commitment. That will be my next topic.
as for this moment I will finish up with the rest of this topic by showing you my
end results of my " Garlic and Onion Bagel Cloud Bread "

May your Day be always Blessed with Family and Friends, May
the light of Christ always shine in your favor,
Till the morrow,,   :O)  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Invention of Cloud Bread

  It's a day of inventing, For myself I think the possibilities are endless.So here
is this amazing " Cloud Bread" we are all doing, But to me  it seems a bit blah,
but that's just me. I like a little zest on my food, or color, added something. 
other than the  norm. I am not going to settle for it,  if all possible. 
So for tonight's dinner I decided I would put one of my ideas to the test. Make
this ordinary  "Cloud Bread " into s new one. My idea was to make it "look"
like pumpernickel bread. And so the test began. This is the test on a pan below.

I did not want to interfere with the cloud bread ingredients too much they are
sensitive as it is. So there for, I just swirled gel brown food coloring in a few 
spots just to see. So this is my test see if it will not interfere with end results of 
of the bread . So  this the way it turned out below. Yeah! I am impressed with
myself.   I like my cloud bread a little more brown on the top , so when it is
done, I low broil it till brown which takes less than a minute, so watch them 
carefully or they will burn. 
This is what I call my "Mock"  Pumpernickel Cloud Bread with Poppy Seeds"

My dinner tonight was 'Mexican Meatballs with Chicken Gravy on Cloud Bread "   
The total carb count on this meal is 6 grams. I added diced avocados a 3 slices of a tomato

Here is the simple steps I took for this meal.  Thanks for watching

Till the morrow,  Many blessings   :O )

Time to Commit to Ourselves For Good

Good Morning,

Well that's what it is here. It has been a while
since I have blogged, So I  had better get started

Time to set our own clocks for good healthy eating
because we really need to be fit. Not only with our
bodies, but our minds. Either it can be continued fitness
or weight loss. It is always a great commitment.

This commitment on my path is, Weight Loss, going
the Low Carbohydrate Way.

This type of commitment should definitely be for a life
time. Face it , we really owe it to ourselves
to be happy and healthy. We feel more energetic , enthusiastic
and over all just smiling ear to ear.

I know most of ya'll  " yes  I said the Ya'll word "  come from
different backgrounds, where your mamma's  taught you how to cook
and she added all of those greasy lard concoctions, Lots of family
get together's, full of deserts, breads & pastas  so lets just say it, we 
were gorging our selves like Thanksgiving Day.
I am here to say we can eat happily and add some deserts to our
life commitment and still be happy.

You must re-think from the way eat in your brain now.. I know that sounds
funny but it is true. You must change the way you think about food.
Changing the way you eat, will be challenging, BUT if you have family
and/ or  friends change with you,  then all can be a bit easier.

So lets get on that ole band wagon and work it together for our own
futures, as well as our families.

Next segment will be the what and where  & how do I start.

Till then see you on the morrow
or later on today
which ever comes first. Lol

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