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Friday, May 16, 2014

Jesus Can Help Me Climb

Does it seem that the road that you travel seems to go nowhere?
Each day passes with less hope than yesterday and yet here
you are again today? Stop and think. It is never to late for
you. It is time to take off those grave cloths. That means the
old way of thinking, old way of acting, old habits even those
old ways of talking. YOU can depend on God to help you
through what ever needs to be. This is called "faith". Faith
to believe in Jesus, faith in God to help you have that hope
back again. You can be-reborn, become a new person in
Nothing fascinates me more than seeing how much love 
our heavenly Father can give us and still does.  If your current
way of living is still not going anywhere, why not try Jesus for
a few months. Your heart and soul will be ever much happier for
such a wonderful decision. Give of service to others so that
your own burdens will be lightened. he can help.
I am glad that I have a relationship with my Heavenly Father,
it is more than just knowing he is there , it is understanding
him, learning about him.
Maybe you would like to know more & have that understanding
of such a wonderful person. Well you can certainly do this in any
State, City or Country you live in.
Feel free to visit  and they can help you to 
have that relationship with Christ.

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