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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Songs of Solomon

So sweet is my  love I can taste him on my  lips
The whisper of his voice  in my ears till  I sleep
His caress  of  his finger tips as they glide
Softly down my arms
Bringing goose bumps to my skin
Satisfied  as he breaths on my neck I can feel the heat
His cuddle squeezes me so tight
My legs between his, makes me cozy and safe
Making me smile as I lay there next to him
The joys I feel cannot be expressed with my words
But the  pounding of my heart with his
I feel it in my  breast
I would climb the mountain tops and shout
And scream with such happiness
His name clutters   my brain
I cannot think straight
Nervously I giggle and laugh
When he speaks to me
No matter how many times
He says I Love You
I will not be  tired of it
And when we kiss our tongues meet softly
Passion will raise high
Touching his hair send ‘s shivers  down my spine
I will wait forever for my true love
I want to be his constant shadow
Making every move that he does
My hands will only  caress his body
Kissing his earlobe gently
To have our hands clasp tightly
Never wanting to let go
I hurt inside while hes  away
Staring at his picture I  weep with happiness
How can a love be so strong
You can feel it there
It over powers you both
Making you weak till you cecum
Drawn like a magnet that cannot be pulled apart
My tears flow with such happiness
No one can understand how it feels
Unless they themselves have been in love
And feel the power that it has
Only wanting to share with each other
What they can give to each other
And that is themselves

Rebekah Owens
| ©2009

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