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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Potato Bacon Soup

I grew up with my mum always making great soups. Most of the receipts had potato's in them.
But through the years I needed to change them up just a bit to fit my busy life style.
This turns out quite well each time. It does not take too long to cook. This warm  soup
served with some hot cornbread will fill you up just right.


                                                         Potato Bacon Soup (by Kitcat )

6 -large potato's peeled & diced small
1- medium onion diced small
1- jar pre-made bacon bits ( I use Hormel ) small
1 cup water
6 cups 2% milk
1- pinch of salt
3 pinch's of black pepper
3/4 cup - 1 cup of instant potato flakes

Place water & milk in 4 quart size sauce pan.  Dice up potato and onion
put inside of sauce pan. Add salt and pepper.n Cook on low for 25 minutes.
Stir occasionally so milk will not burn. Cook potatoes till just turned done.
Add potato flakes and stir till the milk thickens. You might need more or less
depending on how fast it thickens up. While cooking make a favorite pan of
Once done just sprinkle on bacon bits.

prep time: 5 minutes
cook Time: 25 minutes
servings: 5-6 bowls

Enjoy this yummy soup. You will be glad you made it.
Tootles till the morrow & thanks for reading my Blog

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