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Friday, October 14, 2011


Little girl stands by the cliffs edge
Starring into the distance of the water
Skies are gray almost dark
Clouds moving at a fast pace
Rolling thunder like passion whips
Sky lights flash like lightning across the darkness
Wind blows like howling cries of agony
Still stands the  little girl hair blowing fiercely
No movement, no movement
Her dress filled with dirt and ashes of flakes
Lashing out as if to have hands that grab
Behind her the barren trees tilt making billowing noises
Sneaking peeks as watching eyes gaze
Half man half mule clutches with amazement
Peeking around its bark
Fingernails green and gray groping the strands of moss
Moaning with grunts of wonder
Turn she does as she hears the sounds behind her
Cocking her head to the side
Hiding he does make with breathing sounds of spit
Her white eyes move with shaking tickles
Making her screams be known
Galloping horses neigh at her findings
Nudging her hand away
The winds of the leaves  blow his scent her way
His hoofs begin to slide behind the brown crocked tree
She stares as she walks with curiosity
While screaming her tongue like a lizards rope
Run as she does like playing catch
Behind the trees she’s met her match
Grabbing him by his long hairy tail she pulls him down
Standing on his chest she begins to whale
He covers his matted eyes with laughter
Not wanting to see her eyes
Standing girl she seems to care for her new strange friend
Grinding movements of lusting cries he begs to let him go
Bending down she smells his arms Biting them like candy
Rain begins to hit like rocks wetting her dress now soaked
Drawing his hoof up into a ball
He hides his tail once more
Away she walks not looking back

Her eyes towards the cliffs ,she runs toward her death
Leaving high her dress tails fly
Leaving behind a confused animal man
Wanting her even more
Rebekah Owens
| ©2009

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