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Friday, October 14, 2011


I’m whispering you know who you are
My heart is opened
I realize I’m good
This stupid angel in white needs to be
Stripped of her wings tonight
Feather by feather making her exposed
To the elements of the earth
Making her bare body shiver
Making her humble herself with embarrassment
For not taking flight when she should have
It will not help that her hands are raised for protection
For I will bind them
It will not matter that she cries with shrieks
This moment of weakness will bring her down to her doings
She cannot beg for I will not let her
I pull her hair, for she will need to learn pain
Doesn’t matter that her eyes are pink with sadness
I will break her
She needs to learn her duty t be strong
She cannot run for her feet have not touched the ground
Her wings have been clipped to prevent her from leaving
I will provide no shoes, so her feet will feel the rocks
So she continuously fall
Making her knees bleed
Screaming “you are too good”
No one wants you
No one cares
No one see’s your kind acts you provide
They push you down and you don’t care
You need to be submissive to the other side of your wings
Being stripped is all apart of your failings
I beat you as I cry
Wanting to make you stronger
Wanting that anger to build
And make you want me too, not take it anymore
Stand my angel and grow your new wings
Black feathers of darkness
Like being reborn a new you
Run and touch the ground
Feel the sharp edges at your feet
I will provide the vinegar so that you suffer
So you have the agony of knowing
That all have had this before you
No time for fear,it makes no presence here
Cracking my whip at you so you stand and be strong
No tears as I scream
I give you more feathers but dark they will be
Cry me tears of blood to show your happiness
Happiness not to care nor keep your promises you made
Step on the ones that stepped on you
Push them to their  demons who wait  eagerly to pounce
Rise and except your new callings
While dressed in red and black garments as a fighting warrior
Spread your new black wings
Fly to the depths you know you want to conquer
And scream I am worth a new name
Rebekah Owens
| ©2009

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