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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This is a favorite recipe for breakfast in my family.
Latka is a Jewish word for a potato pancake.It is
simple and taste very good. Hope that you enjoy this.

Home Made Potato Onion Latka

6-large red potato's peeled & grated
1- large Spanish onion grated 
1- large egg
4 -Tablespoons of plain flour
Pinch of salt & pepper
Oil for frying ( I like Wesson-vegetable)

Peel potato's and grate them small in a bowl. Squeeze out all of 
the potato juice till almost dry and then set aside. Peel onion and
grate also ,squeezing out the onion juice. Add to potato's.
Beat egg and add to potato & onions, and then add flour.
Mix well. If still too moist add more flour. Heat oil in fry pan
(I like black iron skillet ) to medium-medium-low heat. Drop
by tablespoons into oil and flatten just a little. Brown on each side.
Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with applesauce & sour cream.

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Servings:  6-8
Yummy Rating:  10+
Variations: add garlic or green pepper shredded,  use an egg substitute 

Recipe by: Rebekah Owens 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Wings of passion stretch forth my visions

Out into a fiery grave of marked graves
Long does the journey seem to be with it’s arches
Wanting that re-verbiage but not yet so
White blood gown upon my body represents life is
Not all that clean nor perfect
Stretching forth my hands grasping for what is there
Making noises of acoustic pitches in the air
Screaming at the echoes
Turning cameras round and round making you dizzy
Fly above the mountains with the dragon hearts
Have the winds breeze my hair with dew
Touch me with lightning strikes so that I can be reborn
Into the vastness of the dungeons below
Fighting with my Armour
For I will cut you strong and win
For I am a Princess Warrior
I will not accept defeat
So lay your weapon down
And beg for mercy
Plead your case
And if, it be worthy
I will let you live
Rebekah Owens


Reflections of what was
Time as it was before
Time as it is now
Windows that will open
The future is yet a paint brush
Reflecting the whisks of  each movement
Dare I see myself  as who I am now
Waiting, longing for a perfect  view
Of what was, has now been lost
Of what is, will yet be revealed
Of what the future brings
How it reflects  out of the mirror you have
Making life what it is, what it can be
Hopeful for a brighter future
As you stare at your own reflections of life
Contemplation of a dream you were in
Loving what was, and never forgetting
Reflections looked at, in the right direction
Will go on forever
And maybe, there will be a reflection besides me

Rebekah Owens

Carpet Thoughts

Through the mouth of babes the day is winding and long
Each moment passing slowly,minutes ticking and loud
Walking down a path not yet known but to see the roads
At a distance with many trees swaying in the wind
Hearing the sounds of the earth bringing some kind of comfort
No pats on my back for good luck, no luck on this journey
I move forward into a time I have yet not created
Grabbing for shirts I have left behind with stains
Not wanting to throw them away but keep them close
Just the same, folded in the corner to remember my coals
My smoking gun still leaves residue on the carpet
Brown does it seem , not to vanish so I can remember
No desire to wash the memories
But to repair the  plush beneath my feet
Slowly with time my heart drags deep
Making my journey long with maybe a happy ending
To fix my brown stains and have them happy once again
True sorrow never dies but lives forever to prove
Themselves once more , never-ending
Rebekah Owens

Songs of Solomon

So sweet is my  love I can taste him on my  lips
The whisper of his voice  in my ears till  I sleep
His caress  of  his finger tips as they glide
Softly down my arms
Bringing goose bumps to my skin
Satisfied  as he breaths on my neck I can feel the heat
His cuddle squeezes me so tight
My legs between his, makes me cozy and safe
Making me smile as I lay there next to him
The joys I feel cannot be expressed with my words
But the  pounding of my heart with his
I feel it in my  breast
I would climb the mountain tops and shout
And scream with such happiness
His name clutters   my brain
I cannot think straight
Nervously I giggle and laugh
When he speaks to me
No matter how many times
He says I Love You
I will not be  tired of it
And when we kiss our tongues meet softly
Passion will raise high
Touching his hair send ‘s shivers  down my spine
I will wait forever for my true love
I want to be his constant shadow
Making every move that he does
My hands will only  caress his body
Kissing his earlobe gently
To have our hands clasp tightly
Never wanting to let go
I hurt inside while hes  away
Staring at his picture I  weep with happiness
How can a love be so strong
You can feel it there
It over powers you both
Making you weak till you cecum
Drawn like a magnet that cannot be pulled apart
My tears flow with such happiness
No one can understand how it feels
Unless they themselves have been in love
And feel the power that it has
Only wanting to share with each other
What they can give to each other
And that is themselves

Rebekah Owens
| ©2009

Saturday, October 15, 2011

No Matter What They Say

I am beautiful no matter what they say. Christina Aguilera  says that pretty much in a nut shell.
So I did a lil music video of my expressions on this subject. Words can hurt if you let them.
If some people can't handle me,then that is their problem. that makes me a few stars ahead of
the game. Haters hate, to make themselves feel better about themselves.Which is sad.
So hope you enjoy my video I put together. and remember, no matter what they say,

"YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" Blessing  2-U till the morrow 8)

Life in a Tree

Yep that's me in a tree.  Feeling the leaves,climbing. Maybe I'm
 like Jane without a Tarzan. actually I think Jane is a very independent ,ahh tree lady?
Of course tree's are like suppose to be our friends and such aren't they?
Where ever nature is I am, most likely going to be there you see.
Trees not only provide beauty,but oxygen and fruits of some kind.
Does that make me a nutty person? LOL  Well, maybe I kinda am a lil-bit :)

Life in a tree is what? Too me I am vibrate at times and shed my
leaves at others. My bark peels if not watered enough. I can
stand tall or hover beneath my branches.

Life in a tree, is flowing with the wind , when it blows. Making bends when I need too  in my life.
It is never a sure thing see.
Mother nature provides tree for us to enjoy,such as ourselves. They need care. Someone to talk to them. Ask to take fruit from them & then say thanks. You will be  surprised at how well a tree will grow & produce for you.
Life in a tree is most often forgotten. Only when you need shade you are glad. Only when you need food are you wanting.
A piece of decoration that most can chop down without any thought. Just like people who treat other people
without any thought. When they want you, you are a beautiful tree. But soon as your shade is gone they
will chop you down without thinking . Dig you up and get a prettier tree.

So life in a tree is yet a daily challenge. Wake up too the sun,shake with the rain & house many a bird poo  on my branches. Yet I stand tall &proud to be a tree. Firm in my foundations & hold strong to the universe that I must depend on each day.

So stand tall in your tree,where ever that maybe. Life in a tree is more beautiful than any one could ever imagine. Grow yourself a few more branches. Share your fruit of service to others so that mother nature can give back too you. Yes life in a tree is indeed just that. I rest from my cares each day so the sun will
shine on me and make me smile just once more.
Blessing to you & thank you for reading my Blog. Till the morrow :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Angels in the Midts

Some times your angels visit you .You may or not recognize them, but they are still there. Flying about their business of helping. Speaking soft whispers in your ears. Making their flights into your life whether  it be day or night. Offering up advise to guide you in the right direction. It is there job.
They have been assigned to you. And sometimes at your weak point in you life they might call in a few extras to help you. Those precious moment of seclusion that you think that your all alone. But your not. They are they waiting for you to ask for their help. It takes courage to ask. Even if it is for a angels help. You know some one is there. At times you can feel their presence. You can know that they have helped you by the circumstances that you are in. How did you make that decision you made at that instance in your life? Was it because you did listen, but yet still not recognize? Did you think you made that choice all by yourself? I think not.
Angels bring happiness to you, they make things work out for the better. And though you sometimes deny them there callings they are still assigned to you. To try and prompt you into doing good. To save you from your own demise in your life. If only you could see them it might make it more comforting to you. But alas you cannot. There fore it will take belief on your part.
You wonder how things have happened . How you were taking in the direction that you made. Which turned out to be a great one. The phrase” some one was watching out up stairs for me ” brings into the light that they do really exist. And when you do see  picture of them you feel some what relieved and calm. If only you had the wings to fly. They are beautiful creatures of the spirit world. A light that shines so bright that some times  it is blinding.
I am pleased to recognize my angels.They make me happy. The give me encouragement to continue on this earth of constant battles. Battles they require not only mental strength but physical strength as well. Putting on your Armour for fighting is a daily challenge. Don’t give up on your self so easily.
Let your angels help you in their own way for you. They are your friends. Don’t shut them out. They are just for you. And yes people are stubborn and mock over them or cursing their goodness.
They trample their angels in hopes of driving them away. But they stay just the same. And if you are not feeling them during your day or night exertions they will visit you in your dreams.
Angels in the midst are constant,loyal and loving to you. You must feel them a little more in your life. Maybe whisper in their ears for once and thank them for being your constant companion.
My angels are happy I’m sure. They fly around me all of the time. Bringing sweet breezes my way with there wings. Helping me to choose the right. Though this life is hard and full of trials. They can help us get better grades in our life of school. Maybe you can invite your angel over to your heart and make your life a little bit easier.
Rebekah Owens
| ©2009


Lonely man sits, such a sad face
Dumped by the world
He has no confidence
His looks seeem to stagger
No hope in sight
Dirty nails,no shoes
Lonely man stands on the corner
Begging for his grub
No one stops to help
Jush push and fight
His hunger shows by his loose
Fitting cloths
No box for his house
No comfort of a bed
Where will he sleep tonight
Lonely man dreams about tomorrow
It seems
A hospital bed so fresh and clean
That’s what tomorrow will bring
Rebekah Owens
copyright @2005


I like to watch the tall grass
As it sways too and frow
Like the swell of the ocean tide
A never-ending flow
The thicket being so full
With little monsters so prickly
Stem to stem they seem so busy
Way out yonder the sky is blue
And cotton balls are floating
While butterflies flutter through
Your carefree and running
The swells of the blades are tickling
You brush them as you pass
Green is the meadow and it’s life within
Joys of the moment are special
The green grass and you
Rebekah Owens
| ©2009


Moment by moment the day seems long
Minute by minute the clock keeps tickling
Drip drip as the faucet leaks water
The sound of the rain
The bark of the thunder
Makes it all seem dull
And it’s never over
Time is standing still
As the world races faster
And your face is sad
Full of cluster
How can I go on, its seems forever
Dragging the ground why can’t I remember
Moment by moment so long
I want it to end
My day is gone
Rebekah Owens
| ©2009

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