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Monday, September 5, 2011


Hello again and what a wonderful subject to address. There are so many things that I do
like one being a fairy. This fabo flying creature with wings as been around since humm?
before I was born for sure. That famous fairy that everybody knows from Disney is 
Tinkerbell and she always fascinates the world with her cuteness and attitude. 
I am sure that you could make that noise at the end of the movie when Tinkerbell
touches her wand to the screen and sends fairy dust yes?
OkI just mention Tinkerbell  because she is a well known fairy. There are so many now 
that I have trouble picking which ones I like. 
                                                                      Moon fairies

                                                                    Angelic Fairies

                                                                       Goth Fairies

                                                                  Naughty Fairies

                                                                  Skeleton Fairies

                                                                       Evil Fairies

 This list goes on for these fairies of man kind & even into outer space I presume LOL. You
(in my opinion) if you like fairies pick the fairy by what ever mood your in. We all like fairies
to some extent and even dress like them ( well girls) because they are so like-able. My list is a 
never ending list same goes for elf's, but that's another blog huh? Singing laughing all the way.
Thanks for reading my blog & may mother earth bring a few smiles your way & maybe a fairy
in your dreams & sprinkle you with her fairy dust :)
Tootles till the morrow>

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