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Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Gonna Quit? Really?

I hear this phrase all of the time. This particular phrase I am talking about is with smoking.
I watch my friends do this or hear about others doing this. So this is my view on the subject.
When a person is making this phrase " I am going to "TRY" and quit smoking in my opinion
has already defeated the purpose from the beginning. When you try and do this your heart is
really saying " not really" . Your not making that commitment to yourself.  And then to top it
off you keep those cigarettes available "just in case " you might need them.
Common now get real. You have not decided really to quit ,but in fact have tried to make
others around you happier by saying that. Which in reality your just going to make them more
mad at you, & call you a liar.
It's ok to admit that you are weak. You know it is going to be hard. Harder than anything, But
if you do not commit yourself from the beginning, you are going to set yourself up for failure.

 I see they have a fake cigarettes now. You can blow fake smoke so it does not bother anyone.
But if you read the small print you can still get addicted to them. That does not make any since at
all? Why would any person want to replace one addiction for another? Your still holding a cigarette
in your hand & blowing smoke just like a cigarette. Might as well just smoke a real one. NOT!
All this is , is to recondition your brain from a pattern that you made for your self or a routine you
have been accustomed to. Think about it. YOU have trained yourself to smoke. Then you train
yourself to smoke after you eat, or after a show,with drinking, while in the bathroom.
Then you train yourself to smoke in your car or you take smoke breaks with your friends at work
or where ever. Even if you just smoked a cigarette & your friend or family member says" I need a cig
come & smoke with me" you just do it. Why?
You know the dangers. It does not bother you to see gross lungs on a pack of cigarettes you just don't care.
That is your business. I am  not hear to preach but rather try to understand the phrase of I am going to
try and quit.
You have to make up your mind that you need to say " I AM QUITTING SMOKING"  just think about it.
You have made a solid decision to quit. No more. Get rid of everything, ashtrays,butts,cigarette lighters,posters, coffee mugs ( if you have them) shirts etc you get my drift. If you make a solid statement then just do it. You have to retrain your body to do something else that is  better. You must be willing
to commit to yourself to do this. I say cold turkey. Yes it is frighting, yes you will have with-drawls, yes
yes ,you know this BUT, you can do it, if you make up your mind to do it. Never say "trying to quit" because
if you say that your only fooling yourself &  taking the trust that you have with loved ones and making the
cigarettes  more important than them. Be honest with yourself.
Don't set your self up to bragging because if you fail then you just feel more crappy about yourself . You
know you will.
Excuses! Yeah you have many. I have heard  a lot. The biggest one is " it helps my nerves"! Maybe in
your own mind it does, but really you just need to substitute it for something that can actually help your
nerves. What about making an investment into vitamins?  Food antioxidants can do wonders you know.
Any way I am giving you my own opinion of your own words, to really believe in yourself enough to make that commitment to your own self to say the words and mean them " I Quit" really.

I shall now give  my own opinion of a cigarette thought IF you are a religious person:
You still have the same phrase you know.  But I was thinking one day of why? You believe
in demons and such.  Well here is a food for thought. Remember when Jesus Christ was on the
mountain & he was  rebuking the legion of demons out of the man, which in turn left  him &
jumped into the pigs? Which being 6000 because 6000 is considered a legion?  Don't quote me
perfect as I am not a scholar. I remember somewhat of this story growing up.
Any way I take it that the body is a Temple of God. and we must always try our best to keep it
clean & keep those nasty devil/demons away from us because it only causes more chains on our
ankles. Mother earth is wonderful BTW, she is positive and wants all to be happy whenever possible.
Anyways here is my story in reference to the cigarettes. Think of each pack of cigarette as a individual
follower Satan. Each pack/demon has his or her own name such as:

1.    Marlboro, Winston, Carlton, Virginia Slims
       Newport, Camel, Kent, Pall Mall, Vice-Roy, Salem

2.   Each demon/pack has its own clan, that which is 20 other followers of this one demon
      any of the above.
3. So now you have just put the Demon " Salem head of his clan of 20 other demons inside
     of your body by inhaling them, make since?
4. So if you smoke 2 clans,(pks) of lets say Kent then you have  just put 40 demons inside of your Temple.
5. So lets do the math
     2 pks/clan each day = 40 demons X 7 days = 240 Demons X 30 days =  960 demons a          
      month X 12 mnths = 11,532 ( big number huh? )
So now you have almost put inside your body 2 legions of demons. No wonder it is hard to quit.
So the best thing to cast out these Demons is call the Master to help. But you will need reinforcements
because this is a very big clan. Persistence in prayer & fast prayers will make them all have to leave
and so called find somewhere else to go so they can jump off of a cliff and die.Don't let the demon whom has a name & it's followers tell you lies because they will.
It's not funny to think of it this way. I do not know why I even thought of it, maybe a higher being let me
help my friend to Quit and it  has been 20 years and still going.  So if you are a believer of this I insist
that you heed these thoughts and apply them to your person/persons.
And if you find the courage within yourself to brave the habit you have made I send blessings your way and much confidence to succeed.

May you send me your success story of overcoming your habit I would be glad to smile for you.
Blessed Be & thank you for reading my blog
Till the morrow


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amazing Peanut Butter

I was sitting and working on one of my projects, i decided to have a wonderful
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Wow! so here I am thinking about probably one
of  America's greatest food inventions.So delightful to always have it on hand.
We can thank a wonderful man for inventing such a great spread brown spread ,
 his name is:

                                                  George Washington Carver
                                                           1860 - 1943

Of course Americans can eat tons of peanut butter all of the time.
can eat it. Baking,put it on celery or just right off the spoon. So my

 favorite, is two ways. O
ne with strawberry jam or apple butter, or 

with bananas yummm.

So now I am very  happy that Mr. George Washington Carver did invent
and that he has made a lot of peoples pallets feel loved. This type of food for some 

peanut butter 
is magical I think. And can actually calm you down in time of 

need. But for those who cannot 
have peanuts I am sorry for your loss of this 

wonderful taking spread.
Then I wondered why would they put a dancing banana for a peanut butter song? 
it & so did I, it's because you can make a sandwich that way. Wonder how funny it

 would of been 
if they had a dancing peanut butter jar instead? 
LOL you guessed.
So I leave you with this PB&J thought. How do you really get peanut butter off the
 roof of your mouth without it sticking to your finger? LOL
Enjoy a happy song. May earths elements Bless you in your desire to taste great food

Tootles till on the marrow my friend

PS: send a picture of your favorite peanut butter fixings  :D

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cat Licks

Hello & fun day to you again,
I thought that I would run with my passion for cats for a bit. There is so much to tell about them.
So my next pictures are going to be about cats with their tongues out. Funny creatures
 always cleaning themselves or licking there hands or mouth, lick,lick, lick LOL.

We as cat lovers can kinda identify ourselves with them. We liked to be feel love,and
 caressed ,we need it. An independent creature who is fickle and finicky too. A free
spirit to roam around our castle and the outside world to play with things. Always wondering
 back to our place of refuge don't you think. Most misunderstood little creature of the earth.
 Yes, you can play fetch with them.
I use to do that with one of my cats. when I would come home from work we had a \
 ritual that I had to crinkle up paper and throw it down the hallway and say "go get it "
and my cat would run down the hallway and get it and attack it with her hind legs, grrrr
. LOl then she would come back to me and we
would do it again, like 15 -20 times. She was funny and would love to play that fetch game.
 Of course I had to make the crushing sound of the paper I was turning into a paper ball,
that she really liked.

Maybe life has this plan of making who wish to be creatures of the night, or the wall can live
in one state of the universe. We like to sit on our owners laps and just be petted knowing we
are loved. that's not too much to ask is it. Or you would like that awesomeness feeling of companion
ship that we all need with endless acceptance. No matter what animal your in love with or can connect
with, it is what your are as yourself. May your guiding lite of a beautiful animal touch you in your own life
bring you safety and love til the next.
Blessed Be always and tootles till the marrow my friend


Hello again,
I thought that I might write about one of my most favorite animals. and that my friend is a cat. 
These creatures are for the most, patient and loving. Except for the few occasional ones that's
 are just plain mean. But you have to be a respecter of them or to any animal really,
 that is what  they are.

My belief is cats are Goddesses. They are there to protect you. To comfort you when
you are low. They are excepting of you and thus make themselves be known when they
 are very happy by doing their famous purr. Of course if they could only talk verbally 
then they would I am sure, so they must  talk body language. 
They are pretty much very independent. You do not have to walk them. Of course they
will follow you constantly even if to be outside or inside. Your home is their castle.

Cats are very affectionate and love too play and cuddle. They get much joy out of 
entertaining themselves, which in turn make us smile with laughter. Silly animals
 but that is what their job is. Is to make us happy .

 My kittens decided they would such a thing by playing with this empty box I had.  Now this
 made me giggle very much. Such energy. I can say that about most small animals , they have lots.
    I would like to have you send a picture of your cat in action. Some playful things that  they do.
We can enjoy them together and see what fun they are. Thank you for reading my blog.
May mother nature be kind to you & give you the joys of life with your animal. Blessed Be
Tootles till the marrow

Saturday, August 6, 2011


It is such a moving concept for anyone really. It can take way beyond the realm  of where you are thinking.Many times i listen, just like the rest of the world. Life's greatest passions is to express ones self to others. Taking you into their small world for just a few minutes.
Maybe this is a way of traveling through the internet space, since most tunes are on Youtube or other places.
Connecting the head phones or ear plugs to yourself, it goes right into the brain. Pretty much can't hear anything but music , technology sounds and effects of some kind.
What a wonderful thing to have. It does not matter what you listen too it all goes in one ear or another so to speak.  The stage of the game is to always outdo one another. You get so use to listening to tunes a certain way (in studio)  that when you go to a concert it sounds so different. So they (meaning the musicians & singers ) have to put on this exuberant show with lights, other bodies,explosions etc,etc so as to make you feel like the same as you listen to on the radio or CD's, well that's my opinion anyway.. Will you like them as much as when  you hear them in your ears?
some yes. No matter who they are you will love them just the same. Nothing is better than a live concert. well except for the cruncher's upfront. In that case cross your fingers you do not get tramped to death if something should happen or if they get sick on you ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.
And there's the Solomon of music that you just want to enlighten your self being. Calm,relaxing soothing. this helps in the healing process of ones self. One of which I like to listen too. Well other than my total rock, grunge, metal  and punk. I have a variety of taste.
If I had a wish to see a live concert soon, it would be the greatest singer (according to me ) would be the wonderful Cindy Lauper. & BB King what a combination huh? LOL
I have two music videos I would to depart with , so that you may enjoy  & have a relaxing evening or day which ever it may be.
Thank you for reading my Blog, may Mother Earth keep you in comfort & feel peace. Blessed Be
Tootles for now & enjoy

Soothing Music