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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Effects of Life

                                                You wake up day and this is how it starts. 
You ,yourself and the things you do are in subject to its outcome. Of course you can't control mother nature nor the furies car,planes etc.etc.
But you can control what you have inside yourself and that of which ,what you give to others.
The universe is broad and hears what you have to say. 

Wake up in a crappy mood and so your day shall be also. You speak to others and they feel your energy's that you put out. Keep in mind that those around you begat what you have to offer. They are inclined to be a bit more passive to you if you are.

 Of course you will always come across the idiots of the world who think they are Gods and can never do wrong.They only care unto themselves. Take a chance and step up to the plate so too speak in a world of players. Only you can make you happy and not what let others think or say about you effect your outcome you have started, your day out with.
You have to try and be positive. Even when bad things happen. One can wallow in it and be sad and depressed or you can figure out what happened and say "what can I learn from this situation".
Sure easier said than done right? There ya go being negative. Work it out and smile instead anyway. Anger is not a happy person. Only makes life angrier. 
I figure each day is a school anyway. I wonder what grade I will get today? And even if I was to flunk and get and and "F" there is always tomorrow. 

Forgive is a big word. If you don't do that, it harbors chains at your feet daily, making it harder to walk. Slows you down and eventually holds you down. So the sooner you take care of those chains the better off you will be.
I do admit to my bad days I am so not perfect. But that is why I try harder each day. I look for the sun to  rise and the moon to set. Find ways to brighten my own day. You know a good thing is service. Not only do you help others, but it helps you forget your problems. Other people do have it worst, no matter what situation you are in.
I like to rely on me.. then I can rely on others. Days end  & passes with each hour. Do you know what tomorrow is? Another day. Move forward and continue on your journey. What have you done to make yourself a good name. Will others see this in you? Or will they push you to the side. Compassion within yourself will reap compassion in others. So take the seed and plant it, it will work.  Of course don't expect it to happen overnight. But I promise if you have a better attitude about yourself , others they will notice.
Just a few thoughts of the day. Press forward my friends, and cast a spell of goodness and others will see your light. May you always see a rainbow, somewhere in your life.

Thanks for stopping by as always & reading my blog. 
Till the morrow, tootles.

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